Friday, July 17, 2009

How BOY sees the clouds

Lately, when we are walking somewhere together, BOY has been reaching out for my hand to hold. It is new for us. This tiny bit of slowing down where he goes at my pace, rather than running ahead on his own. This morning I was just enjoying the feeling of his little hand in mine, when he said this...

BOY: Mommy, see that cloud up there.

JCK: Yes, BOY?

BOY: That is the heart of GOD.

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

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  1. Oh my gosh. Love this story so much. Melted my heart for sure.

  2. it is going to be a long time before i read anything that powerful again.

    thank you.

  3. What a beautiful comment and "out of the mouths of babes" to boot; very powerful. What a gem of a son!

  4. Oh, what a memory! So glad you wrote it down.

  5. So fantastic.
    What a great thinker. Isn't it amazing when a little hand slips into ours?

  6. Oh Wow!
    I had goose bumps when I read that last sentence!!!
    The heavens are watching over your little one...JCK, you've got countless blessings, you know that?

  7. Children seem to appreciate God more than us less than humble oldsters.

  8. What a beautiful heart your boy has.

  9. BOY has an extraordinarily beautiful and wise soul.

  10. No, he did not! That was my first reaction. Something so profound from someone so young! Wow!

    Love this post.


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