Monday, July 20, 2009

A Scribe

GIRL and I were perusing a children's book on Ancient Egypt in which scribes were mentioned. We read that scribes were educated in the art of writing.

GIRL: Scribe. Like Motherscribe!

I am teaching her well...

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  1. What a smarty pants she is!


    You are teaching her well.

  2. wow.

    my blog is anonymous, and my daughter doesn't know about it (because who wants to ask their kid to keep a secret like that?) so she just thinks are May Day parties are fun... but has no idea the deeper significance for me. ;)

  3. Aren't kids funny? My kids took my stuffed chicken (present from a friend for my slow goingd animation series) to Trader Joes. It kept slipping thru the bars of the cart which prompted them to squeal in glee, "MOTHER CLUCKER!!!!!!!!!" (Um, patrons were not amused at what they thought they heard, but at least my kids know the name of my show.)


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