Wednesday, June 16, 2010

then ...letting go of me

Today is GIRL's final day of preschool. Last night we talked together, in what is fast becoming our nightly ritual. GIRL snuggles down under her covers, I switch off the light, and sit on the edge of her bed. The darkness cocoons us, inviting thoughtful conversation about her day, or what adventures lie ahead. This time we spoke of the last day to come, our voices rising and falling in the excitement of celebrations with friends, and the sadness of a life chapter being closed.

I feel so blessed that she has had this last year - to grow and stretch, to soar in social confidence. She looks eagerly ahead, ready for Kindergarten. I rejoice in how she embraces each day, and know that there are many good times to come.

Yet, it is bittersweet...and I am savoring each moment.

As I hugged her good-bye this morning, she pulled me over into the sand... laughter spilling out of her in waves.

THAT was funny! she shrieked, then ...letting go of me, running off to play.

Our children are often ready to move on ... before we are.


"Heaven Sent" sculpture from The Sculpture Gallery.

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  1. absolutely. mine (youngest) just finished preschool, as well. As proud as I am of him, I am also so sad that I no longer have babies in the house. They are growing fast!

  2. Jenn@juggling life said it perfectly. They should be ready just a bit ahead of us, then we let go.

  3. I had that very same end of pre-school experience with my son Diego last week. I have my moments of my heart giving in to the sadness of him soaring into kindergarten in September, but like I said he'll be SOARING.

  4. Jasper "graduated" last week... Thank you for reminding me to be more mindful. After we went out to dinner and got ice cream to celebrate MY last day of school, he had to remind me, "I should be doing something really, really special because today was a special day for me." He finally conceded that dinner out and ice cream was really, really special. But the fact that I am rushing on to kindergarten without pausing to breathe in the fragrance of the moment is appalling. THanks, Mama JCK.

  5. That happy/sad mom feeling, you always capture so well.


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