Friday, October 8, 2010

Me and Miss Suzy

As some weeks are, mine has been full of highs and lows. I'm finding myself drawn to reading one of my favorite childhood books...Miss Suzy. All about a little squirrel who loses her beloved home. Left to fend for herself, she befriends and cares for some toy soldiers, who love her so much they're willing to fight the red squirrels and win her home back for her in the tree.

The end of the story is my favorite..

"Miss Suzy had to work hard to make her old home as neat and cozy as it had been before, but she didn't mind. She made a new moss carpet and a new broom and gathered fresh acorns for cups and caught two fireflies for her lamps. At last she had everything in order.

That night, when she went to bed, she was very tired. But she looked through the branches and she could see a million stars. The wind blew gently and rocked the tree like a cradle. It was very peaceful, and Miss Suzy was very happy once more."

Me and Miss Suzy. Getting everything in order. I'm dusting off my blog, intending to make it homey once again. If I squint my eyes, I can see some stars. And it just might be a million of them...


Photos courtesy of Google Images. From the children's book, Miss Suzy, by Miriam Young. Pictures by Arnold Lobel.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I had this book as a child and must have read it hundreds of times. Haven't seen it or thought about it in years, but when I read your post and saw the pictures, it all came rushing back! It's amazing how familiar favorite childhood books are, even after a long, long time. Now I'm going to get my hands on it and read it to James. Thanks, Jennifer!

  2. I have never seen this book! Lovely post as usual. I think of you whenever I listen to Ed Bacon!

  3. >Love your post about Miss Suzy. Of course, I read this to my children.>

  4. I love Arnold Lobel's illustrations. I don't know this book, but will look for it at the bookstore next time I'm there.

  5. We need a new bedtime book. This definitely looks to fit the bill.

    Also looking forward to your housewarming (blogwarming?) party!

  6. I'm with Jean. Anything with Arnold Lobel involved is good enough for me.

  7. Love the Arnold Lobel illustrations.

    - Aunt Snow, or "g"


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