Saturday, October 2, 2010

running through the grass as if she were a young fawn...

JCK is blessed with the ignorance of false youth. An illusion she just cannot seem to shed with any resolve. She imagines herself and her body...younger somehow. More flexible, immune to injury.

Take a day earlier this week, for example. A beautiful day, somewhere upwards of 99 in the shade. JCK was playing with her children in the sand box for a while, when suddenly she felt a mad impulse to run. Across the grass. Imagining herself floating somehow, toes barely touching the earth, running through the grass as if she were a young fawn...

The reality, unfortunately, not that graceful. A little tango that turned...bad. JCK stumbled into a hole and fell gracelessly to earth, moaning ...having twisted her ankle. The bad one.

The one she sprained all those years ago when E had to carry her out of the Georgian forrest. One mile out, atop his macho back. Yes, that ankle.

Luckily for JCK, her ankle was not badly sprained this time. However, JCK's ego, which was a bit fragile to begin with, has been taken down a notch or two. Her image of herself floating above the grass like a wood nymph, has evolved into the crash of the mammoths. And those ancient beasts, related to elephants, never forget. Until the next time...

Photo: Homemade stretcher made by GIRL.

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  1. Awwww. Well at least you gave it a try! And the fact that you envision yourself all nymph like proves that you really are still young.

  2. fawns have been known to stumble. quick healing sent your way.

  3. Oh, such a return to earth! I'm sorry this happened to you.

    I have had my falls - some hilarious, some spectacular - and it always reminds me I am human.

    Soar through the air in your mind - you never fall there.

  4. We aren't truly old until we are so afraid to fall that we no longer imagine bounding across meadows. Keep dreaming and invest in ankle braces!

  5. That is quite a visual, JCK. Thanks for the laugh at your expense :) If it makes you feel any better, my husband fell into a ditch during an outdoor wedding ceremony last weekend. Klassy!


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