Monday, October 11, 2010

My tender hearted BOY...

Tonight I was fixing dinner after swimming lessons. GIRL was helping in the kitchen. BOY was watching a program about wolves on a nature channel.

Mom! Mommy! This channel is inappropriate for me! Inappropriate! I can't watch it! I JUST CAN'T!!

I rush into the living room.

BOY bursts into tears. Mommy, this is HORRIBLE, blood EVERYWHERE! Look it is DISGUSTING. It's a DEER! Mommy, a deer.....

Two wolves had stalked a deer and were tearing into it.

My tender hearted BOY..... He feels so much. I love that about him. And ache for him...

Image courtesy of Google images.

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  1. The Kindergarten GirlOctober 11, 2010 at 9:57 PM

    It is so difficult to acknowledge all the ugly parts of the world. And he feels that so deeply... especially with animals. But if he can feel torment so deeply, he must feel love deeper than any of us can imagine. That is what I love about him. Because you know BOY knows something that none of us do.

  2. Poor Boy! HRH is such an animal lover too. He would have been beside himself! And yes, I love him even more because of it...

  3. I remember renting "My Dog Skip" when Danger Boy was about 8. He ended up crying and asking, "Why would you show me this? Why?!"

    I had no good answer, but I didn't realize how sad it was.

  4. So sweet. Then they grow out of it and you are suprised when that happens too. But that is good too.

  5. he's right, sometimes those nature specials are not for kids !


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