Friday, October 22, 2010

Alone... together. For 2 nights, and 3 days

JCK is about to leave on a daredevil adventure. Sky diving? Bungee jumping? Rock climbing? No. It requires logistical ingenuity, a small suitcase, and a husband. JCK is....getting away for the weekend. With her husband.

Alone... together. For 2 nights, and 3 days.

JCK is thrilled and excited and a little nervous... JCK and her husband have not had any extended time ALONE together in almost 7 years. Indeed, they have not been overnight TOGETHER away from their children ever.

JCK's mother was heard to say..."This is a little extreme." Yes, perhaps. But, for a long time, JCK could not imagine ever wanting to be away from her children overnight. To miss kissing those soft cheeks, hearing the daily stories, having arms flung around her at all hours of the day...

Yet, now JCK is ready! More than ready. Past ready... Not sure if she recollects READY.

JCK cannot remember what it was like to have a conversation with her husband uninterrupted by sudden strumming on a guitar, shouts of MOMMY, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST as her son wields his SWAT man costume handcuffs, by the blast of a World War II bugle, or her daughter urgently calling her...from another room. MOMMY, I NEED YOU NOW.

JCK is more than ready to celebrate her anniversary with her husband. 15 years ago today. It is time to recapture that magic. That je ne sais quois...

JCK is prepared. JCK and E are blessed that their Sister-n-law, Aunt P, will be staying with BOY & GIRL for the duration of the weekend. She is THE BEST! Uncle M will be joining in on some of the fun, too. And, friends are pitching in! It takes a small village to deal with a small BOY & a small GIRL.

The refrigerator is stocked. The house is somewhat clean. JCK uses the term loosely.

JCK and her sister-n-law have gone over so many extensive notes, you'd think they were preparing for the return tour of Donny Osmond. There are the food likes/dislikes, the bedtime routines, the favorite things to do, the cautions. The pets...

Aunt P takes it all in calmly. She is the mother of two children herself. Aunt P is not frightened! This is what JCK tells herself...

So, they are off!! JCK and her husband of 15 years. To discover parts unknown...

This post is dedicated to Aunt P and Uncle M, who were there on our wedding day 15 years ago today, and continue to be there always.

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  1. Whoo hoo! Have a fabulous time reconnecting and recharging.

  2. congratulations! hope it was fabulous!

  3. Congratulations, JCK! I hope your weekend was fabulous.

  4. Oh, this was funny to me. Maybe because I have been thinking about this particular fantasy a lot lately - an uninterrupted conversation with my husband.
    Well... how was it?! Happy Anniversary, by the way!


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