Tuesday, November 2, 2010

because JCK would like to continue smiling

It's been JCK's personal experience that dentists tend to be a bit nerdy, dare she say...Goofy. As in the Disney character. For a while JCK had a dentist in Beverly Hills. He was very wooden in form, with big white teeth. But, still nerdy and goofy.

In the last year, JCK switched to a new dentist. A middle-aged Russian guy who told bad jokes while he examined her teeth. Nerdy, a bit goofy. The exercise in yawn, yawn... continued.

That was until Dr. D dropped into the practice. Dr. D with his manly manness. Looks like a jock, yet went to BU. Easily a decade younger than JCK, he makes her feel ...like a girl when she is in his chair. Which is good, considering he's been wielding long ass needles, drills, and lasers in JCK's direction.

As JCK drools out of her lips that have been socked silly with Novocaine, Dr. D pats her arm reassuringly, letting her know that she is in good, strong, gentle hands.

Dr. D came up with THE PLAN to get JCK's teeth repaired and "aesthetically pleasing". It is important to him that he perfect her teeth. JCK is not exactly clear why it is vital that the teeth in the very back of her mouth be aesthetically pleasing, but she's going along with THE PLAN. Because JCK would like to continue smiling.

During one of their conversations, before the drooling started, JCK confessed that her fillings were ancient.

Well, you've had a good run, Dr. D said. And, then he moved on.

JCK wishes she could move on as quickly as Dr. D does. She's still trying to wrap her head around words thrown at her like "crowns, and lengthening crowns, and hopefully not a root canal."

This morning, JCK tried to smile at Dr. D's enthusiasm through her bloated lips, which were not unlike Cher's.

Did you have a chance to see your new crown, JCK?

No, Dr. D, I haven't yet.

Well! Come right in here. I'll show you in the BIG mirror.

The mirror is so large, JCK imagines that Dr D might like to do a little Saturday Night Fever dance in front of this mirror during his down time.

Dr. D is a proud man. As, he should be. Even JCK was impressed with his mastery.

It looks GREAT! JCK blurted.

Dr. D almost hopped up and down. He was that pleased that JCK was pleased.

JCK admires people who have a passion for their work. She just wishes she could admire from a distance... without it involving the emptying of her piggy bank, or nursing a sore jaw.

JCK is participating in NaBloPoMo, (30 posts in 30 days), for the month of November.


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  1. I want Dr. D. to come here and fix my teeth. Even at the cost of a couple of crowns. We're talking some fillings that are 42 years old.

  2. Our son's teeth have taken up most of our wallet and attention; he pretty much needed a whole-mouth rework, plus capping and crowning. mine are simply maintaining themselves.

    Our son's dentist was a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist who used to serve in the Israeli army, and who had a whole crew of very manly assistants - Good eye-candy for Mom when waiting for the latest orthodontry to go on.

    This has been a lifetime project for Son, since they had to preserve the teeth while they grew, and coudlnt' do the final work till his mouth had fully grown. The final estimate for the whole mouth work was a shocker.

    But then we got a second opinion from a UCLA guy, and realized we didn't want Son to look like a movie star, just a young man with good teeth, so we switched. He got his front teeth completely done this summer, and next summer is for the back teeth.

  3. Dentists terrify me. They really do. I'm taking the kids today and I'm afraid and all I have to do is sit in the waiting room.

  4. I avoided the dentist for 10 years, then I found one I really liked. He's been great.

  5. A good dentist is a good thing. Your teeth say thank you.


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