Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Damn that Pinocchio!

Back when GIRL was almost 4 years old, she suddenly developed a fear of Pinocchio. In her imagination, he could be anywhere. In her room. The hallway. Around the corner...

It all started when she overheard a conversation at her preschool, between a teacher and some older children. The talk of donkey ears, a whale, and a boy turning into a doll, let alone his nose growing longer and longer every time he lied... scared her. Who wouldn't be? It's a gruesome tale.

She worried about him for a few weeks. The fear finally faded away. But, she never forgot.

Remember when I used to be scared of Pinocchio, Mommy?


GIRL is basically a court reporter. If something happens, she'll tell you about it in every glorious detail. She's so earnest, it is hard not to smile during the telling.

This morning she called out to me....

GIRL: Mommy, you know what's changed about what I do in the bathroom?

JCK: What, sweetie?

GIRL: Well, I used to plug my ears when I flushed the toilet.

JCK: Because the noise was too loud?

GIRL: No. I thought Pinocchio was coming.

Damn that Pinocchio!


Thus ends JCK's saga with NaBloPoMo, (30 posts in 30 days), for the month of November. She didn't always do it well, but she did it...

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  1. My dad's favorite Disney story is Pinnocchio and he wanted to let Dylan watch it. I think I said, "Are you CRAZY?! That story is terrifying!!" I understand GIRL. I understand. : )

  2. Pinocchio is powerful. My oldest spent an entire year needing to be called "Figaro" after the cat in Pinnochio.

  3. Can you imagine living with that fear every time you flush?


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