Friday, November 26, 2010

Because that is what moms do...

JCK is starting to resemble Dorothy her latter years. Only, not so witty. Or flush with hair dye. Indeed JCK is bushwhacked, depleted, and done in. It's been quite the week of BUSY. Can we BOLD that please? BUSY.

It being BLACK FRIDAY, JCK wanted to avoid any retail establishment. JCK isn't too keen on screaming throngs of rabid purchasers. However, JCK did have to enter a pharmacy today to pick up some T.P. As she stood in line with her daughter, a little boy in front of them stepped on her daughter's foot. And, then he did it again. JCK said NO, and moved her daughter behind her. Then the boy punched the package of T.P that JCK was holding. Yes. He. Did. Obviously said boy meant business. After raising her voice to say: NO SIR! to the little bastard, he tried to kick her. At this point, the oblivious grandparents who were stocking up on liquor, finally saw that the boy was perhaps...out of line. JCK is thinking the boy has some serious anger issues and should steer clear of any...people.

JCK's family celebrated BOY's 7th birthday on Tuesday. Tomorrow is a Lego Party for BOY. 5 boys are attending. 5 boys are attending. 5 boys are attending. Does JCK need to repeat it another time?

JCK cooked up a storm between Wednesday evening's chocolate pecan pie, and yesterdays' turkey glazed with rosemary, olive oil, basil, & garlic, sweet potato casserole, corn bread stuffing, gravy, and homemade whipped cream.

Early tomorrow morning....JCK will be seen in her kitchen attempting a chocolate LEGO shaped cake. Legos shmegos...aren't they those little objects that thrust themselves between ones toes inadvertently? Aye, captain..those be the ones.

Sunday evening there is no elaborate cooking involved, but BOY & GIRL are singing in an Advent choir concert at church. JCK is sure they will be irresistible in their red choir robes with white collars.

And then, on Monday? The children will return to school. JCK will collapse. And then rouse herself. Because that is what moms do...

JCK is participating in NaBloPoMo, (30 posts in 30 days), for the month of November.
Photo of Dorothy Parker courtesy of Google Images.

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  1. I'd love to see a picture of the cake.

  2. The never ending weekend of celebrations - come Monday you deserve a full body massage and mani-pedi combined! Hope the cake was a towering success!


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