Friday, November 5, 2010

Organization is SEXY. Who KNEW?

JCK is exuberant! JCK is ECSTATIC! JCK is feeling fiiiine. In fact, JCK may be a wee bit...high. Is it the chocolate, you ask? Well, there's that. Is it perhaps a bit of CAFFEINE? Well, yeees... JCK insists that both are needed to stoke the fires. But... why is she feeling like a frisky filly? Because... JCK is floating in her own bubble of an Organizational Orgasm. And, it's not even Jack O'clock. Damn, girl!


You see, JCK started getting overwhelmed several years ago. Really, ever since she happened to have two babies in 10 months. JCK had this fantasy that being a SAHM would enable her to have time to work on home projects. JCK will now pause while you try to contain yourselves....


Indeed, JCK wishes that someone had told her that not only would she not have time, but that she would be lucky to enter the bathroom alone...for a few years.

But, JCK digresses. JCK is FEELING SO RIGHTEOUS, BABY! Yes, she IS. AhhhHUH! Because, her office is now organized!! Whoohoo!! She has spent the last two days, over 8 hours - heaving, sorting, shredding, and filing. Because. She. Can.

JCK is feeling a sense of accomplishment. A little RANDY. Yoohoo...RanDY!! Organization is SEXY. Who KNEW? In fact, JCK might ....pull out the ol' fishnets tonight.

After she organizes her email inbox which is currently sporting 3,344 messages....

JCK is working on getting her writing groove back. She is participating in NaBloPoMo, (30 posts in 30 days), for the month of November.

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  1. NaBloPoMo is kind of kicking my ass. But it in a good way.

    Someday I'm going to try that organizing thing.

  2. One day I cleaned and organized my long unused scrapbook desk. My son said, what are you doing? I'm sure he's seen cleaning before and was just trying to get me!

    I'm not doing NaBloPoMo because some days there is just NoThInG.

  3. Organization really does feel good, doesn't it? I should try it.

  4. So glad to know that I am not the only person who was *cough enthusiastice *cough enough to have 2 babies in 10 months! :) LOL! Sersiously I would have it no other way but at first I thought I would lose my mind! Maybe I actually did and that's why now I would have it no other way. LOL! :)

  5. Wait until your husband organizes something--that's REALLY sexy!

  6. Lucky you. I need to do that. Maybe it'll give me my mojo back.

  7. Wow! Congrats on an organized office!

  8. Post some pics if it doesn't constitute internet porn.

    I cleaned out the front hall closet yesterday. Felt accomplished, alas not horny. I agree with Jenn's assessment of husbands. That's hot.

  9. Ahh! that brand is so unpredictable!! Anyways, congrats for the new office!


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