Monday, November 15, 2010

Mama Explosion, entry discouraged

There are some days in which JCK would like to hang up a sign. Around her neck. The verbiage varies, but here are a few variations:

JCK is not here
JCK is done in
JCK is frightening; do not approach
Walk, do not run, toward JCK
Mama Explosion, entry discouraged.
Brain splat. No visuals recommended.
JCK is closed indefinitely
JCK has gone a different abode.

Sometimes this fantasy of signage occurs before the noon hour. Definitely well before Jack O'clock can be declared in JCK's village.

The truth today is that...JCK is tired. Plumb tuckered out. Her children refuse to eat their vegetables. Her mother needs JCK to let her know her arrival/departure date at Christmas. Immediately. Today. In this conversation. And, sadly, JCK does not even know when her next trip to the bathroom will occur.


Thank you. And good night...

God, if you're nice, you'll throw JCK a Jon Hamm sandwich
for dreamland tonight...

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  1. Sometimes I want mine to read, "Shrink is off duty" .. or "Long day. If you know what is good for you, you will not speak in my presence."

  2. Monday was just rotten around here too. There were crying kids and moving pains, and holiday discussions and medical woes and holy moly THANK GOD IT'S OVER.

    I have high hopes for Tuesday. As in just generally not sucking.

  3. That is one thing that non-SAHMS or non-SAHDs do NOT get. Sometimes you can urgently need to use the bathroom for hours on end and not get the chance.


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