Friday, December 5, 2008

like a rivulet's trek through the mid-winter frost...

sometimes i feel it for a moment
between breaths and stacking
dishes neatly side by side
in a washer that is full.

or sitting wedged between
a blonde boy and girl
of brunette locks, both
attentive to my reading voice.

i grasp and grapple
trying to catch the elusive
rope to somewhere, which
doesn't have a destination i know.

if i could only catch these
beats, extend them, stretch
on past what i think will
carry me forward wholly.

is it even possible? to
live within the lines and
remember all that is tiered
and placed on my plate.

perhaps a fool's merry dance
when the answer lies at
my tangled feet, just here
let me. tied too tight.

like a rivulet's trek through
the mid-winter frost, slow
to the eye, step by step
toward the shore of grace.

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  1. Gorgeous verse.
    I've read it 4 times already and it says more to me each time. That's how I know I love a poem; if I want to read it again and again and, if there's more (and more) coming through the words, blinding me with thoughts, revelations, ideas.

    Keep writing.

    Best to you.

  2. Toward grace is the perfect path to take.

  3. So pretty! And the photo is lovely too.

  4. this is soooo beautiful, I read twice....

  5. Every time I read one of your poems, I find myself wanting to have you read it to me. Truly. Especially after hearing your voice on that radio broadcast. There is something about poetry being read by the author that makes it that much more meaningful.

    Another thing that always happens, is that I find myself wanting to sit down and write a poem myself.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  6. I'd like to have you read your poems to me, too.

  7. What a lovely poem.

    You're a wonderful writer, JCK.

  8. Thought-provoking. Inspiring. Lovely.

  9. to live within the lines, and remember all that is tiered .. that is the quest, yes .. this poem is a beautiful and possibly the best attempt to do just that

    this is such a wonderful poem, jck
    your title is pure word harmony

  10. Gosh, you make me wish that I could write....
    Blessings JCK, EJT


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