Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Motherscribe wants to interview YOU!

JCK is quite excited! JCK has an idea germinating. An interview series in which she probes you about your life. Topics will include: having balance in one's life, sense of self/loss of self, aging, parenting, juggling outside work and home life, regrets if any, wisdom passed down through generations, sanity saving tips, feminism, marriage, what excites you, and other issues perhaps of a racy nature. (The idea is for the interviewee to feel comfortable, so if there is a question that you do not feel comfortable answering, that is OK, too.) If you'd like to be interviewed, please leave a comment and JCK will be in touch with you.

I am interested in all perspectives, so if you are single and would like to be interviewed, please jump in. Also, I can whip up some questions for the male readers. So, don't be shy...

You do not have to have a blog to be interviewed.

And... you can use a pseudonym, if so inclined.

Equal time for all here at Casa de Motherscribe.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not have an email address enabled & attached to your comments, please go to my profile page and email me directly.

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  1. I think being interviewed by you would be fun.

  2. I think being interviewed would be lots of fun!

  3. Oh babe - you got me on this one! I LOVE Inside the Actor's Studio. Usually I want to be James Lipton and ask the questions, but I'm up for being on the receiving end.

    This should make a fun series!

  4. Btw...you don't have to pick me. I'm not so interesting. But I will read for sure!

  5. I'm up for it, sounds fun.

  6. Ohhhhhhh, fun, interesting. I like it. I'll do an interview with you. Can you send Annie Leibovitz to shoot my picture for the interview?

  7. I don't think I'm interesting BUT I so want to answer questions by you...I heart your blog. And am in crush mode with your they way you put pen (er computer?) to paper (er, again, screen :)

    my email is selenasmith2000@yahoo.com


  8. I'm up for it, but hope your okay with maybe me since I am not a feminist. I am boring with respect to being racy, etc, but I love you and your blog and if I am interviewed here, I don't have to think of something on my own.


  9. Me as subject? Bring it on.

    Maybe my brain isn't processing this right, but what does this mean?

    "If you are a single female or a male reader (single or married/committed), and would like to be interviewed, please leave your name in the comments."

    Are you discriminating against married/committed women again?

  10. I am happy to do it if you wish - but not if the questions are too nice (I don't want to be part of a kind of self-promotion thing - I mean like those ones Mrs G does. I'm not knocking them, they are great for getting new bloggers some new readers but they are not something I would go in for). So yes, if you going to ask questions with a bit of edge, then yes.

    But I am happy not to do it - I can be very long-winded after all!

    So I shan't be offended either way.

    But if you do it well, it will be interesting because people who think they are dull usually aren't, it's those who think they are fascinating who usually bore people!

    Good luck!!

  11. I'm game for any of your ideas, but I'd rather read about you.

  12. A little intrigue, eh? I'm game.

  13. I want to play. This sounds really fun.

  14. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my Meet My Friends Monday!


  15. Count me in! My areas of expertise include gluten free cooking, crappy holiday decor, thrift store shopping and why Hugh Jackman wants to have an affair with me.

  16. A chance to be the center of attention? The Matron?

    petri017 at umn.edu

    that's zero one seven

    Soudns like fun!

  17. I'm IN!!! I've mentioned too many times that I love to answer questions, any questions, not that I've got lots to tell, *laugh* but I'm always curious what others are curious about me.... or not at all *laugh*

    though you know me from my parenting-kids blog, I am more than happy to answer ANYTHING under the sun! need not be related to that category at all..... so just shoot ok? *wink*

  18. It's been a while since I've left a comment, but this sounds so interesting! I'm up for it, if you want...I love nothing more than giving my opinion on things :).

  19. Ok, I just found you from Whopping Cornbread and love your blog already! Looks like you have plenty of players, but I too love the Actor's Studio and always thought that kind of thoughtful Q&A would be a blast. A few of my areas of interest/specialty: first-time mom, American living in Japan, librarian by training -- SAHM by practice, infertility, raising kids bilingually...


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