Friday, September 11, 2009

It was a bit like trying to move forward with someone going sideways

I have a Kindergartner. My small, ever growing BOY. The one with the hair of golden wheat and blueberry eyes. Yesterday was his first day, and he was so nervous. I don't know if I played up Kindergarten too much, or whether that is just where he went in his head. I was surprised. He didn't want to get out of bed, and poked around endlessly. Suddenly a cookie box must be made into a rocket...on the way to getting in the car. Finally, once we were on the way, he started to relax.

When we got to school, he wanted to wear his backpack. Then...NO. Maybe...his backpack was too heavy. It was a bit like trying to move forward with someone going sideways. Yet, once we reached the entrance he was ready to go to the classroom and see his friends from last year. In the classroom he immediately sat down with his buddy. I watched him for a bit, took a few pictures, and then GIRL and I hugged him good-bye and ...left. We surprised BOY with brownies topped with star candles last night. The marking of a new beginning.

Today was better, but the eagerness to be at school is overshadowed by the newness of Kindergarten. And the growing knowledge that "Kinder" is different from preschool.

BOY: In Kindergarten there is no playing inside, just outside.

My heart ached a little when he said that. Perhaps because his perception has truth. He is past preschool now. And more will be expected of him each year. He has begun the journey through school. Sometimes a hazardous path. Hopefully matched with lots of unexpected excitement for him along the way.

The teacher, according to BOY, talks too much. Ahem... This from a BOY who rarely stops talking.

My favorite moment in the last two days was watching BOY grab a new boy's hand and then join hands with another buddy. BOY, central, between them. The bridge between friends old and new...

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  1. crabs are very difficult on forward progress

  2. he did?!!
    My boy did too!
    When I saw my boy INITIATED the hand-grab, my heart just went "Aaawwww..."

    So I think I know how you feel!!!

  3. the bridge between friends old and new...


    You must be so proud of BOY.

  4. My two nieces have boys who started into kindergarten this week. The pictures tell a story and bring back memories for me of when I took my then little ones to their first day at school. You'll never forget this day. The hands linking three friends together? Priceless!

  5. I love his two comments about school. It must be so hard for kids to go from playing all day to hardly playing. I also love how you marked the day - with brownies. I hope this is the start to a wonderful new year for BOY!

  6. It's hard to learn the new rules.

    But no playing inside? In first-grade we have free play for the last 1/2 hour of the day. I think it is genius. The kids need it, the teachers need it and it means the kids last memory of the day is that school is FUN.

  7. All my K teacher friends lament the loss of play in the kindergarten classroom. At least here in NH there is so much pressure to progress, produce, even in kindergarten. There are TESTS to pass, you know. And we only have half day, so in 2.5 hours the teachers (admins, schools, districts) feel such pressure to push these poor kids. No recess. It's shame. Hopefully, he will come to love the routines and predictability and playfulness and exploration of school. Sounds like they are already coming to appreciate him!

  8. I'm so happy for BOY! New beginnings are exciting and scary and new.

  9. My D7 has been struggling with the adjustment to first grade -- we are four weeks into school and I am just hearing that he is having a good day every once in a while

  10. My Diego started K a few weeks ago, too. Such a wealth of new experiences.

  11. It sounds like he is really going to love it! He's such a sweet boy. I love reading about him and his adventures!

  12. Good luck to all of you. Hope he has a great year.

  13. i just love love love the hand holding

    kindergarten. whew. i feel you.

  14. I choked up reading this, JCK. Truly. The emotions so obvious that you all were feeling. Thank you for putting this into print, as you do so well with all your posts. We hope to see you back at G, M & M now the BOY is in Kinder. :)

  15. Oh BOY. I love that last part, what a sweet boy, bringing an old friend to a new one. I love it.


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