Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NaBloPoMo - Day 28- Tomorrow BOY goes into surgery

January 2004
BOY is now 7 weeks old and over 10lbs. He is an eating machine. No one can believe how quickly he polishes off his bottles. It is as if he is doing shots. I feel like I'm getting flashbacks to my bar hopping tequila days. Except he doesn't appear to get hangovers.

Tomorrow BOY goes into surgery. He was born with a cleft lip. We didn't know about it ahead of time, so we weren't prepared. And I think that truly was a blessing. If we had known ahead of time, that is what we would have focused on. Is he going to be alright? What will he look like? Instead we were thrown a curve. Here is the birth of our son by adoption, which in itself is not simple, and then the cleft lip on top of that. The labor & delivery nurses were quick to tell us that a cleft lip is very minor - cosmetic really. The palate was complete. No problems there. A cleft lip can be corrected by plastic surgery. Still, it is one thing to hear it and another thing to see your precious child with a cleft lip and not be worried. E and I never once considered that it was a problem. Our journey to becoming parents had brought us to BOY and he was meant to be with us. It was that simple.

So, I try to focus on the fact that the surgeon knows what he is doing. That he performs surgery on cleft lips all the time. That our little BOY is in good hands. That when he is older the girls will just think he is sexier with that small scar. Mysterious. Intriguing. That when he wakes up in the recovery room we will be there. But, he is only 7 weeks old and ...and...he is my son. And... I am very frightened.

To be continued...

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  1. I'll be holding the boy in the light!

    I love the image of him throwing back the bottles as if they were shots!

  2. The boy is in our thoughts too.

    (You too. Take care.)

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  4. you have been on such a journey, woman.

  5. Thanks, ladies. It was a challenging time, but behind us now. :)

  6. Sending a baby to surgery. It's just not fun is it!
    So, do the girls at pre-school find the scar intriguing;)?

  7. For the record, you're right, girls do find men with scars sexier. :)

    Another awesome installment my friend.

  8. This was a minor hurdle - wasn't it - this cleft lip???

    My little Alexis was born with an extra finger on one hand. When I saw it, it didn't phase me, yet it worried my mother and friends to death. The doctors said they see it all the time, etc... The ended up putting a string around it and it fell off (?), but she still has this little nub where it was. When se was tiny we called it her "accessory" - I've yet to tell her that it was an extra finger - one day I will. I love that she has this tiny imperfection - I don't know why. Maybe to remind me how truly awful things really could have been for her - you know - something so much worse.

    Once again ... I can't wait to read more.


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