Sunday, November 18, 2007

NaBloPoMo - Day 18- Nominations and axplosions au TUTU

....My Christmas present came early this year, Jennifer over at Ziff-Niffer has nominated me for a couple of 2008 Blogger's Choice Awards. Damn, girlfriend! I've never been nominated for anyTHANG.

Well, there was that, that, that time. The time I got the Most Promising Newcomer Award for best bust line.

The THRILL was tremendous. As you can see....

But, like many, many other nominees, alas, I did not win and my life was never again that exciting...

Until now....

One of the nominations was for Hottest Mommy Blogger. Hahahaha HICCUP, excuse me I've had to do a shot of Black Jack to really take this in. Hottest Mommy Blogger. Well. So. When I went to the Blogger's Choice Awards site to check out the other nominees in this category - of which there are, I think at least 10,000, it was quite the education. I am in amazing company. From the Couture Mommies to the Pole Dancing Mommies and in-between. Bottom line is this: If anyone calls me hot these days, I've got to take it and bank it. For those UM... so many days when my sleep deprived face screams at me in the morning mirror - What the hell happened to you!? You had two children after 42! Are you insane?

The other nomination was for Best Parenting Blog. .....................................................deep, contemplative ......SILENCE. Mmmmm, maybe it was all those stories about poop. Or maybe those stories about ....poop. Or, maybe because ...well, oh bollocks, I'll just take the nomination and shut-up already.

So, in my teenage giddy-like excitement, I slapped those two nomination badges up there on your right. The only time I'll ever tell you to lean right. And I hopped around to other nominated blogs and no one, but no one had their badges on the top of their blog. So, now it appears that I am bragging. Can I brag for just one day, please? As that Park Ranger lover, who really is a hottie over at Oh, the Joys says....OH...THE ... SHAME. I have committed a blogging faux pas. A gaffe, a bungle, botch, boner, flub, embarrassing mistake. And yes, boner does have other meanings. ...Apparently these nomination badges should be just a wee bit down the page, like several leagues, so that you can unearth them casually - like it is nothing. Just a day like any other. I stand corrected. I shall move them down the page....well, tonight - no tomorrow, well maybe tomorrow. After I've let the fun, giggly feeling sit in my belly for a while. The feeling that someone, besides my mother, thinks I'm worth nominating - at least for today.

And, just in case you think I'm exaggerating on the POOP explosions. As I was writing this very post, my GIRL calls me from the bathroom. I cannot even BEGIN to describe the sight that awaited me. Poop trails. Everywhere. Poop down her legs, poop on her tutu, yes her TUTU. Poop smeared on the toilet seat, poopy panties in the toilet, poop on the floor, poop on her hands. Just a Sh*t load of poop. So, after I cleaned it all up, BOY comes barreling in here buck naked just as I was about to hit the Publish Post button and announced, "I had an AXPLOSION. An axplosion."

But, even AXPLOSIONS galore cannot lessen your kindness in nominating me, Jen. Thank you, I am truly SO touched.

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  1. Some of us are just new to the fray; who are we to know proper blog etiquette.

    I took my little nomination down because I thought it was long over with. Which makes me look ungrateful I guess.

    I will do better next year.

  2. Thank you for calling me hot. I just ate a giant bowl of my Aunt's spaghetti that I should not have eaten and I am laying here on my side releasing the mighty wind. Oh, the pretty!

  3. Oh my stomach. That was hee-larious. You SO deserved the nomination (however prestigious OR NOT that it may be). And those photos were just perfect.

  4. You are a hot mommy for sure. Congrats.

  5. oh, I love axplosions. they are an almost daily occurrence at the casa de madness.


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