Thursday, February 14, 2008

And then she walked away...

GIRL and I were in the check-out line this morning at Trader Joe's. Yes, I live there. An elderly lady, with a pink knit cap, got in line behind us and was immediately drawn to GIRL. (I have to admit, GIRL looked delicious.)

"Oh, look at you! You are dressed in pink from head to toe. I LOVE your fancy pink bows. Oh, you are SO beautiful. She's going to be a beautiful woman."

Then... to me...

"I lost 2 babies when I was married 75 years ago. I was never able to have children, so I always love it whenever I see one," she said.

She won my heart instantly. My thoughts, of course, go to how easily that could have been my scenario. I never had any miscarriages, but for years was never successful at getting pregnant. And then our adoption of BOY, our first miracle and then the birth of GIRL, a double miracle.

I smiled at her and patted her gently on the arm. It seemed enough. We connected. She smiled. I told her I admired her cozy pink knit cap. She may have been a bit off on it being 75 years ago, when she lost her babies, but she was old and she was totally in the moment. However many years ago it really was, it is still present in her mind.

I had buckled GIRL in the van and was just getting in my seat, about to close the door.

Can I see her one more time? To say good-bye? the little lady asked, so gently.

"Of course you can," I said. I opened up the side door, so she could see GIRL.

And then we said our good-byes. She joked about the walk to TJ's and back home again being her only exercise, and how she sits for the rest of the day watching Dr. Phil and Judge Judy. How she gets tired just sitting. And then she walked away...

My children are my precious Valentines. Such a surprise they were and continue to be. I am delighted that such a lovely little lady could share GIRL's special essence, too.

Happy Valentine's Day! I wish for you ...LOVE.

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  1. that was so sweet of you to share your girl with her.

  2. that girl above me can attest to the power of Peep. little girls are magic. you are magic to share. i concur.

  3. Oh so sweet. What a special moment in an ordinary moment.

  4. Now that you know when she frequents TJ's maybe you will see her again. Small children are powerful magic.

    Just how do people live without a Trader Joe's nearby?

  5. They are simply a gift to EVERYONE - aren't they?! What a delightful story - I just loved it. Happy Valentine's Day J - See you soon. Kellan

  6. I find older poeple do take such delight in my kids. It reminds me anew of how precious they really are.
    Hope you had a super Valentine's.
    P.S. Juggling Jenn, imgine life without Trader Joes, Target, Bath and Body Works, Sonic, JC Penneys, Popeye's chicken and Macys - voila, you are now Canadian.

  7. How very sweet! Thanks for sharing this nice story!

  8. This was sweet, but also made me sad. I feel bad for this poor woman, who has to go home alone. But, I'm sure seeing GIRL was a high spot in her day.

  9. How nice that she could make a connection at Trader Joes....and that you weren't too much in a hurry to see the opportunity.

  10. Sweet story, and sweet lady. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. How sweet. And sad. For many reasons, the least of which being that she watches Dr. Phil & Judge Judy. Ugh.

  12. oh. what a story! lovely.

    (and oh how I miss trader joes)

  13. I, naturally, loved this woman as well. Isn't it amazing to think of that?

    She's in da club. :)


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