Friday, February 29, 2008

Ode to a luscious bottom

The sweet curve of luscious bottom,
jutting out forever and a day
this is my predilection
alas, the anatomy not mine.

How I long for that swoop,
that ledge of rounded flesh,
bewitching in its shape
of squeezable ambrosia.

My lusting mind wraps itself
around a voluptuous rump,
the lovely arc of a derriere,
beckoning me in its undulating wake.

Oh, rapturous fanny, rear, buttocks,
arse, tooshie, keister, bum, tail,
fundament, behind, posterior, crupper...
you are a ribald confection not to be worn here.


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  1. Well, that is just assinine. (Sorry, I couldn't resist) : ) Whose tooshie are you speaking of anyway?

  2. Oh what a lovely ode to the arse...I too, covet luscious cushions, but alas, my genetic makeup left them relatively flat.

    So glad I found your blog, BTW. I've been sitting here just glued to the screen reading your NaBlo 2007 posts. My IVF girlie is just a couple of months younger than your girl. Some of your posts, so poignant, made me tear up.

    Your writing is just lovely.

  3. Spoken like someone who doesn't have a big one!

  4. This made me want to go squeeze some tushie.

    I love your writing ("squeezable ambrosia"? Perfect.)

  5. It is a beautiful ode, but believe me, you do not want that tushie. I used to have that tushie. Age and pregnancy caused it to travel downward toward my knees and lose the will to be perky. Not a good look.

  6. you should link this to blogher's letter to my body. brilliant.

  7. What a nice ode. I am a butt woman for sure-I have one and I like to look at them.

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  9. that was fun. I am a bit worried about what freaky googlers you are going to attract...

  10. This baby got more back than she ever wanted. Oh for a skinny tushie!
    LOVE the poem.

  11. i may not have an ass, but i do like some junk in mah men's trunk...

    (i think i just said that with a grin. dear. gawd.)

  12. here's the best prose dedicated to the toochus

  13. If I could give you mine I gladly would!
    You've got great words--did you just love English class?! Browning could not have written a better ode ;)

  14. Who's bdonk-a-donk-butt do we owe this tribute to? And now, I have that 'she has a big butt and I can not lie ... ' song in my head. Thanks for that. :)

  15. I too am now singing the big butts song! I love this poem...


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