Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Recipe for happiness

Happiness is sitting here in my office with the afternoon sunlight creeping through the window, while watching BOY & GIRL outside mixing up their own batch of fun in the back yard.

A 3 year old girl
A 4 year old boy
1 large plastic kiddie pool
2 balls
4 trains
2 cars
several plastic vegetables
a plastic frying pan
2 large pails full of water

Baking time:
Over 1 hour in the translucent Southern California February
Clothing optional

Helpful hint:
A hands-off approach is best. Let them create their own fun. You can take a moment for yourself, which ensures everyone's happiness.

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  1. awww!!! that is fab.

    ps--planting a seed...would you play with me if i happened to be roosting in santa barbara for 2 weeks in april??

  2. Oh! Summer-like weather! I'm envious!

    (And! That you might be getting a visit from her awesome livness!)

  3. A friend of mine used to lovingly call this benign neglect and she insisted it made for more independent and self-entertained children.

    Oh how wonderful your kids and the sunshine sound.

  4. You really want me to move don't you? I awoke to snow covered roads and freezing rain.

  5. Recipe for Self-Pity:

    February in New England
    With no vacation planned

    Just add snow.

  6. Saturday was a gorgeous day here in SoCal, and today looks to be a repeat.

    It's a good thing too, we're so wimpy that the last 6 weeks of winter was more than enough!

  7. That sounds lovely,
    I don't think it will work quite as well in our basement, which is the only place we can play seeing as how it was -40 (F and C who knew?) with the windchill this morning. Not that I am even the slightest envious. Nope. Not me.

  8. Yay for sunshine!!! I heard crickets and frogs last night! And the air smells different! And I'm very excited about this!

  9. I am printing that recipe for future use. I may even submit it to Betty Crocker. :) Perfect.

  10. I was confused until I remembered you live in California. It was 14 degrees this morning here. But we do love our plastic pool in the summer!

  11. What a sweet recipe!!

    Hope you are well - see you soon. Kellan

  12. Perfect! We're loving this weather as well! No TV today! Play outside! Windows open!

    It's awesome!

  13. oh it's the best-- watching them play like that. i love when they are in sync

  14. I love this. And send a little of that sun up our way, won't you? :-)


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