Thursday, February 7, 2008

The raging thoughts eat away at my essence

The raging thoughts
eat away at my essence
unnerving my soft core
of ripe plunder.

I should be

I should have

I must

I didn't...

Mere words, yet theorems
that have the brutality
of a knife flung dead-center
from my own hand.

These threads come
at different times
to twist in the wind
of my soul.

In the shadows of night
they mock and provoke
morning scattering them
away to their corners.

...until they come back
by day, and they do
sitting insidiously in a pile at my feet
beseeching me with their shrieks.

Why is it in mid-life that they are still here,
these weighted dreadlocks to my psyche?
Such covert operators, sly...
and slick with Medusa's venom.


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  1. i dunno, baby. i think it's going around. ((hugs))

  2. I think you are my long lost twin I didn't know I had. I really wish we lived near each other so we could sit by the beach with coctails, reading each others poetry! "..weighted dreadlocks to my psyche", and " twist in the wind of my soul" - really great lines!

  3. I love it! What a beautiful, vivid, and apt poem!

  4. Yep, you are a writer. told ya so.

  5. "Sitting insidiously in a pile at my feet, beseeching me with their shrieks."

    What a picture you paint.

    I agree with Liv; there's something going around.

  6. it's a mother's curse -- the i should have's and everything you said.

  7. You hit the nail on Medusa's head. Simply - WOW. Very nicely done JCK.

  8. People that don't think don't have doubts.

  9. Okay, I totally just scrolled up and down looking for the name of the famous poet who wrote this. And then realized it was you. That was so powerful.




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