Monday, November 8, 2010

my Flying Fish

In the beginning she clung to me. I was her ship at sea. We took swimming class together, so that she could be with me. Ever cautious of strangers, she refused to swim from me to the swimming teacher. Even though she could...

That first time she swam away from me to someone else was a victory. For us both! When she returned to my arms, she wrapped herself around me, but the newly gained confidence was in her eyes.

Then she gradually inched away, to sit on the "floating duck pad" with the other children, and to paddle a couple of feet to the teacher and back to me. Each week she grew more and more comfortable.

Then, it was time for her to take a swimming class without me. It was hard... She cried the first couple of lessons. The teacher was male, and she was used to a female teacher. He let me sit off to the side, so she could see me close by. A few lessons in, she was able to let me go to the waiting room. She could see me watching her through the glass.

She was a great student. Her focus and determination quite extraordinary.

She continued to have challenges along the way. Not with swimming, but with change. A different teacher. A different time. Any change would throw her.

She quickly joined her brother's class. They progressed together.

A few months ago it shifted. She started advancing past him. Now she is two levels ahead. Sometimes it is awkward. Usually not. BOY knows that swimming is GIRL's thing.

My little tadpole is now my Flying Fish! She is the youngest in her class. Only two levels away from pre-competition.

I am letting her steer this journey. I am there by her side, in the buffer zone. She is aiming for the swim team. I am so proud of her.

Some days, as I watch her saunter away from me, in her bathing cap and goggles, I can just...glimpse the tiny girl who clung to me, only to me, in the pool...


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  1. oooooh, man. My heart. You are SUCH a good mama

  2. Aww.. I love that picture! Delaney's swim coach says that swimmers are the smartest kids because they learn young that they are fully in charge of their progress.

  3. MQ has loved the water since her first dip, and is now proudly kicking butt on the swim team.

  4. so bittersweet, although more sweet than bitter

  5. This is so much the portrait of my (no longer so) little swimmer when she started out.

  6. She is SO SO cute.

    Now I'm aching for the days when my little was so very little.

    But there is something sweet about watching them fly away. Every time my daughter dives, I remember all those days in the pool, before she was this graceful fish.

  7. I forgot how emotional your posts sometimes make me!!

  8. sweet,emotional and touching....wonderful keep it up.


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