Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GIRL draws Mommy

On Monday GIRL presented me with a card that she had made.

Mommy, Mommy! Guess what! I made a card for you. Here it is! Look, Mommy! Here is your name.

This is rocks and grass.
I wrote you a letter! This says...this says...this says!!

Love, Mom.

I love you, Mommy.

I really love you, Mommy.

Love, Mommy.

I love you and love you and love you.


This is a picture of you!

This is you, Mommy. This is your hair. Your eyes. Your nose. Your belly button. And this is your private parts.

In which we take a brief PAUSE..............

Oh, dear GOD, what is she saying at school?!

**Picture courtesy of Google images

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  1. It's a great card and even better story ;)

  2. Love it! I love to see kid's drawings and sometimes their explanations of them are the best part!

  3. Whoops!!!

    that made me laugh out loud.

  4. "What is she saying at school?" The same things half the other kids are saying. My son used to have an impressive collection of penis art but I didn't know true mortification until he brought home the "story of his family". Not only were we all anatomically correct but Daddy and Mommy had glasses of red liquid in every picture. And our interests? Dad and Mom like wine! Occupations? Mom uses her computer and Dad likes to sleep! Oh the horror...

  5. True - but isn't it cute how they are so honest! :o)

  6. RC's latest masterpiece is entitled "Poop - like comes out of my bum."

  7. Ha!'ve got one big bellly button.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Just be happy that she doesn't really draw identifiable body parts yet!

  10. Never mind what she's saying at school...what is she drawing at school?? ;-)

  11. That drawing says you are brilliant, wise, NEVER wrong, very fashionable, always funny and have good taste.

    Trust me.

  12. Sweetest card ever! And at least she had the decency to use the term "private parts" as opposed to something more - ahem - graphic.

  13. Oh, this was priceless!!! Darling pictures too!!

    Have a good evening - Kellan

  14. If that's what your privates look like, you're way ahead of the game, I think. I mean, that's almost like a Brazilian.

  15. Hopefully, if she's into drawing your private parts, she'll stick with the Picasso style that is rather hard to distinguish...

    It's all so lovingly done though.

  16. *laugh* your private part and your belly button is the same size! LOL!

    I Looooveee your daughter!

  17. Heeheee haw haw... sigh...
    She so rocks. And you so don't want to know what she is saying at school. I could tell you some hilarious stories that I have heard from my 4 year olds at Sunday School. I am pretty sure one of the mom's this year was following her hubby around, thinking he had a girlfriend. And I have prayed for mommy's with hangovers Sunday morning, 'cuz Mommy was up really late, drinking mommy juice with her friends...
    You really don't want to know...

  18. Hey J - thanks for your supportive and sweet comment this evening - you are a good friend and we are going to have such fun in SF and have sooooo much to talk about. Take care - Kellan

  19. Aww lovely.

    It is a good idea to save some of these early drawings and things. I stuff them in a box file and then once a year weed most of them out and just keep a few - it's boring if you overdo it! My sons love to look through their early drawings and chuckle at things. It's a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon.

  20. I came over to tell you how SMASHING you were over at Mrs. G's today. And GIRL'S artistic representation made perfect sense in light of your comment over there about taking baths.

  21. Congrats for the feature at Mrs. G's!! And how cool are you!! The story of your life is fascinating, alll the places you've lived and seen.

    I'm glad to know someone else likes to have NPR on all day, too!

  22. Hee hee hee! I shouldn't laugh. I may have to home school out of sheer self-preservation.

  23. Loved your bit over at Mrs. G's and came over to laugh some more at this. That comment above about it being brazillian is LOL funny. Mine told me once, in all seriousness, "I don't like that" and pointed to my down under area.

  24. Even though I've already been here I did have to stop by again to say, "Nice Slow Cook Thursday!" And also, my daughter lives in Pasadena, so if I were to visit her this summer, might you want to do dinner?

  25. Is that a lightning bolt heading for your belly button or your private part?

  26. Lord have mercy!

    I am hoping that your boobs aren't the vertically drawn circles? Maybe you shouldn't ask...

  27. the budding artist....excellent! :) My youngest daughter loves writing the word Mommy...mommy....mommy...i love my mommy...almost as much as she likes repeating it out loud.

    My oldest daughters are now 22, 23 so I am enjoying the crazy drawings and mommy, goes by fast.

    Love your blog!


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