Saturday, June 21, 2008

In which she appears to be judgemental and she is

I saw two things today within a matter of minutes that set me off my rocker. Let's just rant about the fact that a certain look for men and boys in our society at present is a look that I don't care to see. It's blazing hot outside, my car says 104 degrees. The man has his shirt off, tied around his waist. Nothing wrong with that. Except that he shouldn't be the one doing it. And his jeans are down past his ass with his boxers hanging out. Something wrong with that.

Hey buddy, if you want to wear your jeans that far down your ass, why bother? Just take the jeans off and wear your boxers for God's sake. What's the friggin' point?!

I hope there isn't a fire. If he tried to run he'd trip over his jeans.

This is one of the many reasons WHY everyone in the rest of the WORLD makes fun of us. Sometimes it is embarrassing to be an American. And a mom. Because when you have BOY & GIRL along... you know there is this:

Mommy, why is that man's pants falling down?

Mommy, does he have an emergency?

Isn't a mother's job hard enough without explaining THAT?!

And then I turn the corner and there's filming going on in our neighborhood, and some idiot is riding up the street on a motorized scooter with a walkie-talkie. Why is it that the people you see on these motorized scooters have a big ol' paunch and should be the last person on a motorized scooter. And it wasn't that he had any kind of disability. I saw him get off and back on. Right after he nearly collided with my minivan.

Hey Mr. Oh So Important! Get off the freakin' scooter, Mister, and get some exercise!

I guess that's it. In which she appears to be judgemental and she is.

Note: If JCK appears to be CRANKY today it is due to temperatures exceeding 108, and the belief that she is fermenting due to an overabundance of manure surrounding her house. And lack of chocolate to deal with said hardship.

**Photo Credit: Google Images. And the guy's ass in OUR neighborhood? Was NOT that good.

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  1. sorry to tell you, babe...the ass out of the jeans thing? Not just in America. Stupidity in fashion trends transcends borders.

  2. I find that trend especially galling as it has its origins in the inmates at Riker's Island having their belts taken from them so their pants sagged. These are our role models?

    And the heat thing? We're dying in San Diego, too. Though thankfully no manure.

  3. 108?? Oh no! I hope it's going to cool down next week when I'm down there or I may just die.

    I am holding out hope that the sagging style will fade away soon. I'm seeing more boys in tighter jeans lately.

  4. What flutter said. But then, they're going out of fashion. Which means that while there still be some of those around in ten years time, there will be much less.

  5. You never know abut the disabilities. I had a roommate for awhile who had broken his neck in a car accident and had a halo screwed to his head for a year to keep it on. After the halo came off he still had paralysis on one side, and was supposed to walk with a cane, but he refused to. So we'd go somewhere and park in the handicap spot, which he has a permanent plackard for, and people would yell at us. Then he'd show them the holes in his cranium and yell back and they'd be really embarrassed.

  6. Where I am currently living that is the main style, so I see it every single day, and every single day I shake my head in disbelief.
    I am going to post a cartoon for you when I get a chance. Um, that is, if I can find it. I don't know where anything is at this point in the move!

  7. How's that heat coupled with your, um, organic lawn?

    I can't stand the pants falling off look.


  8. I prescribe fudgesicles purchased on a solo Mom-only trip to the store. You may have to eat them all in the car on the way home with the AC on high since it's so hot they might not survive the trip from the car to the house.

    P.S. Take the pick up, it doesn't have manure smell.

  9. they're going out of fashion. Which means that while there still be some of those around in ten years time,

    Oh, man I just got a flash of how funny it will be in ten years' time to see some oldster dressed like that!

    RE: the disability thing - I had a friend who was an amputee from WW2. He had a prosthesis he wore, but he still had tags, because while he could walk, it was tough to walk far. He once had someone give him trouble thinking he was able-bodied parking in a handicap space, so he took off his leg and waved it at the guy!

    Trying to keep cool!! It hit 105 here yesterday, in the shade!

  10. I thought it was hot here - WOW!

    I hate those baggy pants too - HATE THEM!

    Hope you have a good day - Kellan

  11. One day my friend, they won't be "cool"anymore......I can't wait.

  12. 108.
    Hey, it never gets that warm up here. EVER.
    Wanna move?
    Only trade off is 6 months of winter.

  13. Whenever I see someone with their pants hangin' like that, it totally makes me want to give them a ginormous wedgie.

  14. Yeah I know. An ass showing an ass. See the irony there?

    Please don't melt on me.

  15. hahaha. The city of Dallas was trying to ban that attire, but the police department was against it because it actually helps them chase criminals...they can't run very fast with their pants around their ankles. I know! I know!

    As if our job wasn't hard enough.

  16. I'm with Rima...dude was asking for a butt flossing.

  17. When I was in college it was stylish for guys to let their boxers show BELOW their khaki shorts (while wearing their docksiders without socks and their button down shirts untucked. Can we say Preppy? I thought we could.)
    I hate that baggy thing. Next time let BOY ask them the question directly.
    And I really don't think that men should be allowed to take off their shirts if their boobs are bigger than mine.

  18. I don't get the pants thing. At all. I don't care if it makes me sound old.

    Kids these days.

    It is so bloody freaking hot here (about 112), so I have complete sympathy for you.

    Stay cool.

  19. The pants thing is crazy...but I'm hoping we don't swing the pendulum back to the 70's style disco era "leave nothing to the imagination" pants that the Bee Gees, et. al. wore! My best friend had a poster of Andy Gibb that made me blush just to be in the same room...LOL!
    Never can tell on the handicap thing. Heart there are lots of things that are not obvious physical handicaps eg: emphasema, heart problems...
    The Retired Priest at our parish is like 90 years old...(65 years a priest) The men's group bought him a golf cart to use when we built a new rectory that is quite far from the church. He NEVER uses it. Our Pastor (70-ish, overweight & diabetic) uses it all the time.
    Drives me nuts. Oh Well.
    Blessings and prayers for relief of your heat wave, EJT
    PS. I would send chocolate, but it would arrive as soup!

  20. Yeah, guys on a movie set...too much craft service and golf carts.

  21. You do realize, don't you, that by typing this, that this will be the very style that Boy will embrace when he grows up.

    Unless there is something worse by then.

    (Sorry, someone had to warn you.)


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