Friday, June 27, 2008

The Hot Tip List for Managing the BlogHer 2008 Conference

BlogHer 08 150x150

I've been reading advice on how to prepare for the upcoming conference in San Francisco. Let's see if I remember everything...

If I buy a lap top before the BlogHer Conference 2008 in San Francisco then I must remember to bring a lap top.

If I bring a lap top then I will need a roller bag to carry it and all the cool swag that's available. Or I will leave the lap top in my room...

If I don't have a lap top, that's OK. There will be other lamesters there with me.

I need to bring an extra suitcase just for all the SWAG. And it is good stuff.

I will talk to anyone who has legs and if they look like a blogger, they probably are.

I will talk to more than 1 person. I will talk to at least 10. I will, at some point, stop talking.

I will wear comfortable shoes. This is life or death. Bring band aids just in case I don't listen to this sage advice and need to provide for myself or others. Wardrobe is up to me, but definitely bring a sweater or light jacket. I can probably leave the fishnets at home.

A message board would be great!

Cards, cards and more cards. Bring your cards. Be sure and have a pocket for them and a separate pocket for everyone else's cards that you will collect.

Great shopping in the area. Within walking distance. Best to get credit limits extended on your credit cards.

Pre-conference parties and conference in the same hotel. Yeah! Friday & Saturday night parties across the street! Pace yourself.

Be able to utter a one line description of my blog. Yeah...right. This will be my hardest challenge...Chatty Cathy here.

Never, but NEVER say you have JUST a personal blog or never, but NEVER say the word "JUST." Unless you have to go to your room for a breather, in which case you can say "You'll have to excuse me, JUST for a minute. I'll be right back." Then you can go back to your room and collapse - hopefully on a soft bed that cradles your curves.

Eat!! By GOD, eating is important. And you will be with WOMEN. And women LIKE TO EAT.

Ear plugs might be a good thing.

Don't take vacant or scowling looks personally, the person is probably not directing it at you.

Everyone is NICE at BlogHer. That IS what it's about!

Parking is crazy expensive. So is gas. Carpool if you can.

And...try to plan a light schedule for the day or two after BlogHer because you will be tired. Probably not as tired as my husband will be watching our 3 and 4 year old by himself for 3 days...

Yep, that about covers it. Anything else to add?

Added Note: Hug Flutter and come hear her speak!

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  1. I really wish I was going. I hope you and all the other women will share if you learn anything cool. I can't wait for the posts!

  2. um excuse me, where is "Hug flutter and come watch her speak" on that list? JEEEEZ

  3. How about "Have the time of your life!"

  4. OMG I CAN'T WAIT! Except I kinda don't want to hug people; I hope that can be okay. I'm better at high fives and the "rock on" sign.

    So excited to meet you! I wish we could kidnap Mrs. G and bring her...

  5. I wonder will they ever have it in Singapore....I guess I'll just need to dream on....

  6. *sniff*

    I'm going to pretend it doesn't sound like the least bit fun.

    But I will have this list ready for next year, for sure! Gives me time to work on that one-line description.

    Can't wait to hear your stories.

  7. I'm so jealous of y'all. but at least I'll be enjoying some fireworks with the family. Tell everyone I said hi and hope to meet someday...

  8. For the love of God, don't skip the fishnets - they're your calling card!

    Actually, if you could get a deal from Fredericks, they could be your swag!

    And so it date for the prom (sigh, sniff).

  9. Tell E to feel free to email the Mountain Man if he needs moral support for his adventure.
    Sounds like a lot of rules to me, and you know how I love rules. (I'm just rationalizing here so I don't feel bad that I'm not going.)

  10. You know, I've actually heard mixed reviews of it. I won't judge until I go (which won't be this year), but I love how positive you are about it. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  11. sounds like a whole lot of fun, so I hope you are going to take lots of pictures and then post them here for us to see and read about all your adventures!

  12. OMG am I the only one who thinks that an event just for women who blog sounds absolutely awful. Just imagine if it were the other way round? It sounds horribly sexist to me.

    I think a lot of the best blogs around (present company excepted of course!!) are by men.

    I know that mommy blogs are the fastest growing thing on the web and are a great way for parents to provide mutual support (but stay-at-home dads too eh?) but it is scary to think that things like this go on, that a gender divide is being furthered, encouraged and fostered. Women do not really need encouragement to blog, are not threatened by male bloggers, they are the leaders in this. Dear me! Or can men go? I really couldn't face reading the detail it sounded so dire.

    Wouldn't catch me going anyway although a trip to SF sounds rather nice come to think of it! But if I did I would definitely take my MacBook because it is beautiful.

  13. Ooops sorry I probably sounded like a bit of a spoil sport in that comment. I didn't mean to - I was just surprised to learn that such things existed.

    I do hope you had a good time. Just because something is not for me, doesn't mean I don't think other people should do it and enjoy it. Maybe I would enjoy if I went anyway, eh?

    Sorry if I sounded a mouldy old bag!!!

  14. Hey, I'm going too, and I can't wait! I DO think it's great the women are getting encouragement in the geeky world. I'll be there with both my laptop and my camera!

  15. Oh wow--that sounds like so much fun. I just got into blogging this year, maybe next year.....

    Have a blast!

  16. Lucky you!! sounds better than the industry conference I have to go to a week later! Have a blast, and bring back some great tips!!

  17. OMYGAWD have fun! I am soo jealous!

  18. ok, so yours is another blog I must boycott in my jealous rage of not going to blogher.



    (unless of course, you know, you pick up the double the swag and mail it to me. Because I'm open to bribery)

  19. Have a super fun time.
    Liveblog it please.

  20. I hope you have a great time, and meet lots of wonderful women, and laugh a lot! Can't wait to hear about it.

  21. This was sooooooo helpful and the link to the post over at BlogHer too! You - I am sooooo looking forward to meeting!!

    Have a good Sunday - Kellan

  22. I get the feeling you'll have no trouble meeting and talking to a bazillion people AND finding the words to describe your blog!


  23. No fishnets? I think they're a must, for you.

    Hope you have a fabulous time. I'll be waiting for those post-blogher posts.

  24. Well, first I saw this as a comment on the Blogher site, and now you really did post it here. Good for you. I'll be at Blogher for the 1st time, too, and I hope to meet you there!

    Molly Wendland
    (aka Tacky Princess at White Trash Mom)

  25. Thanks for the the support on my swimsuit post, I can't wait to read yours! (Don't chicken out!)

    I'll see you at blogher, I promise I'll be wearing clothes! lol ;)

    Oh and I LOVE your header, so clever!

  26. Maybe I'll see ya at Blogher!

    Mary, mom to many

  27. Yay! I'm so glad you posted this...I loved it when I read it over at BlogHer and I love it here too!

    Did you set Reluctant Blogger straight about BlogHer? That it's not just women and/or mommy bloggers? That the conference itself is for ALL Bloggers, not just women or women who blog about their children, although don't we blog about so much more?

    Can't wait for BlogHer & to be your Roomie for a night! Yay!

  28. Hi. I've come to you by way of "A Mom Two Boys". I hadn't quite read through the entire BlogHer guide and now I'm scared...I think I'm taking this whole thing a bit too lightly - maybe I ought to go out and get my hair colored, my teeth bleached, my tummy tucked, oooh, all this talk is starting to make me nervous. A few days ago I was so zen. Ach! Oh, PS, I like your blog. You're in my reader now. Hope to meet you in SF.

  29. We're wrapping up the first official Pre-Conference Attendee guide (which will be sent to all those who have registered for the conference), full of information about how to prepare and what to expect at BlogHer '08.

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