Monday, June 16, 2008

What you fail to comprehend is that women vote for the issues that are important to them.

Dear Los Angeles Times:

It seems that you have come up with a real "scoop" judging from today's headline:

Women lining up behind Obama

Apparently, this is BIG NEWS to you. I have one word for you since your "vision" appears to be impaired.


I assume this is language that you will understand. What you fail to comprehend is that women vote for the issues that are important to them. Those of us who voted for Hillary Clinton can mourn the loss of her candidacy and move on. We will now embrace Barack Obama, because he supports and stands for the issues that we believe in. We will not vote for John McCain out of spite or leave a bloody, dead rabbit boiling in Barack Obama's kitchen. No, in this particular article you did not compare women voters to the Glenn Close character in the movie "Fatal Attraction," but that is surely the underlying message. How about if we leave fiction writing to the professionals?

"And Obama has taken a wide lead among female voters, belying months of political chatter and polls of primary voters suggesting that disappointment over Clinton's defeat might block the Illinois senator from enjoying his party's historic edge among women."

Perhaps you should stop relying on "political chatter." Let's just look up the definition of chatter, shall we?

v. chat·tered, chat·ter·ing, chat·ters

1. To talk rapidly, incessantly, and on trivial subjects; jabber.
2. To utter a rapid series of short, inarticulate, speechlike sounds: birds chattering in the trees.
3. To click quickly and repeatedly: Our teeth chattered from the cold.
4. To vibrate or rattle while in operation: A power drill will chatter if the bit is loose.
To utter in a rapid, usually thoughtless way: chattered a long reply.

1. Idle, trivial talk.
2. Communication, such as e-mail and cell phone calls, between people involved in terrorism and espionage as monitored by a government agency.

Oh, and LOOK! at #2 under the noun definition. It appears that chatter could be between people involved in terrorism and espionage as monitored by a government agency. Wow! There's your scoop! Have at it.


A Keyboard Wielding Democratic Woman Voter

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  1. Amen. Or a-women!

    And, no, health care and education aren't the only two issues we care about, either.

  2. Please, please please send this as a letter to the editor. It's brilliant.
    (But it was the little girl's pet rabbit, not a rat.)

  3. damn straight!! I'm sick of talking heads solemnly pronouncing their opinions on what I think and feel.

    It's actually sexism at its core, the idea that women voters would react out of emotion like stereotypical spurned high school girls.

  4. Good for you - why does it seem like these pundits just follow a script in terms of how they analyse things? It's just so lame!

  5. There were some women spouting off like that toward the end of Clinton's campaign. It was just a lot of blowing off steam and cooler heads will prevail.

    Not only am I a "Mama for Obama," my 70 year old fil, ex-Navy, from Minnesota can't ait to cast his vote for Obama.

  6. I guess I'll agree to disagree with you on politics, but I do fully agree with women voting for issues. I'm more or less a single issue voter, so I'll be writing in my candidate at this point, since the final three make me gag.

  7. *shakes head*

    This kind of "news" rivals the studies that eating junk food can cause you to gain weight.

    *still shaking head*

  8. Well said - as usual! You have my vote!!!

    Have a good evening - Kellan

  9. Rah! Damn straight! You spoke for me. And millions of Clinton supporters.

  10. Sing it sister! Now it's my turn to to tell you to send this in to the paper.

    The way we've been reduced to the lowest common denominator is appalling.

  11. G said - It's actually sexism at its core - yup!

    Well done for writing this blog Motherscribe.

    Whether Hilary is personally liked or not - it's a real shame a woman didn't get to run America.

    Lets hope next time round...

  12. It's really sad so many cannot take woman voters seriously.

    I agree, submit to your paper!

  13. Nice letter except of course that you don't speak for all women who supported Clinton.

    Like me, for instance.

    I'm still leaning toward voting for McCain over Obama and it has nothing to do with being "angry" or "hurt" over Clinton not winning the nomination. It has everything to do with me not believing Obama can lead this country.

    And, until he somehow changes my mind or McCain does something that leads me to believe he cannot lead this country - this female (lesbian) democrat will vote McCain in November.


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