Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The summertime vibe is in the air

It's party time at BOY & GIRL's school. The summertime vibe is in the air! Last week, GIRL's class threw a pizza party to celebrate the fact that everyone is now in underwear. Potty training is over!! GIRL has been potty trained for a while, but she was happily reporting on who is now in underwear. Such a thrill! I believe the teachers were most excited of all. It was on Thursday, which is not a regular school day for GIRL, but she was able to come just for the party. When I dropped her off, the room was decorated floor to ceiling with balloons and streamers. All the children had participated. BOY was ecstatic because GIRL's classroom invited his class to join them in the celebration. The kids were proud, milestones were recognized, and all tummys were satisfied.

This Friday at 4pm, BOY's class is having a tea party for the parents. All the children in his class are over the moon excited about having us come. They start baking goodies today and apparently will have little gifts for us. It promises to be a delightful afternoon for one and all. As you know, I'm always up for tea and goodies. Presents are just the icing. And if something goes awry, there is always JackO'Clock when one gets home.

BOY is almost unrecognizable in his growth over the last couple of months. For the last few weeks at school, he's been working on memorizing my cell phone number. To celebrate the children learning their phone numbers, a teacher called each child last night to say "goodnight" and congratulate them on learning their phone number. I thought that was genius! He's also done a full day at school the past two Fridays and says he would like "a full day EVERY DAY." We're doing once a week, probably for this month, and then we'll go up to 2 afternoons and keep it at that.
The summer program starts officially in July and is comparable to summer camp. It is all play focused, no more Pre-K curriculum, and BOY's VERY favorite daily activity...water play. The children get to wear their bathing suits to school and there is a week with a camping theme where they sleep in their sleeping bags during nap time. What's not to like?

And me? Well, I'm enjoying the fact that my thighs are hair-free, perhaps not pain-free, and that no one has mistaken me for a grandmother...lately. The small things. Life is good. And you have to grab the good days when you can.

** Photo: baby dolls all tucked in by GIRL

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  1. A party to celebrate everyone being in underwear?! Genius!! And, trust me, the teachers are definately the most excited.
    I can't believe the teachers called each kid, either. That is really cool! I would have loved to see his face when you said, "BOY, it's for you"!!

    (I've missed some posts. Gonna catch up)

  2. Wow, so much fun stuff to report!

  3. I recognized that photo right away. We have dolls and stuffed animals tucked in like that in various locations all over the house. Shirts, underwear, socks, nothing can NOT double as a blanket.

    I think it's very cool that the teachers celebrate things like potty-training and phone numbers.

  4. Now that's a reason to celebrate!

    I loved the picture of the dolls, all tucked in.

    My kids would have loved to get a phone call from a teacher!

  5. Your life sounds very fun right now! Our end of the school year activities are in full swing too and I'm tired.

    Great doll pictures. I miss having babies tucked in all over the house.

  6. Very very cool! And I love how she tucked her babies in :)
    Have fun in the water!

  7. Their school sounds amazing! So much fun. I love that they are celebrating their milestones with them.
    Have fun at the tea party.

  8. I have a "good day" for you: August 7. Arriving at LAX at 1:51 p.m. on Airtran Flight #49. Or Friday, Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, if you don't mind driving to Anaheim. (I actually have the hotel room prepaid on Sunday night, though I'm leaving Sunday afternoon, if you and E can snag a babysitter and care to stage a private party at the Anaheim Doubletree...)

  9. Yes - the grandmother thing - I HEAR YA!!

    Your kids sound very happy - I'm so glad they are having so much fun at school.

    Hope you are having a good week, J. I've been looking over the conference stuff lately - trying to get my mind in gear - make sure I know all I'm supposed to be doing for that trip. I did get my airline ticket - YIPPIE! You are still going - right?

    Take care - Kellan

  10. potty party!! potty party!!!

  11. Thighs are hair-free? Now that is a lucky girl. :o)

  12. Those are DEFINITELY milestones to report (is it wrong that I giggle about it)? :) Didn't think so.

  13. Your school sounds fantastic!


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