Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well, THAT caught my eye!

I'm a friggin' disaster this evening. I am tired, done in, wiped out, TOAST. Dealing with a 4 1/2 year old BOY who does not want to go to bed. He is finally asleep, but not without about 10 minutes worth of shouting: MOMMY ...I SEE YOU!!! issuing forth from the window behind me as he looked from his window into this office and saw me on the computer. MOMMY I SEEEEEEEE......YOOOOOUUUUU!! There is nothing, nothing that makes me more infuriated with my children than when it is evening and they fight going to bed. This is MY time. I'd like to have a little space to call my own, thank you VERY MUCH. It makes me BEYOND insane. MOMMY I SEEE.... YOU!!!!


My junk mail folder is continuing to collect, well...junk, and as my eyes skimmed the subject line tonight, I could swear that I read: Secure Vagina. Well, THAT caught my eye! I mean who doesn't want a secure vagina, right? Certainly better than an insecure vagina. And even though I would say I feel pretty secure in that area, you always want to know that everything, every. body. part. is secure. God forbid if my vital parts are not secure. I never leave the house without knowing that my drawbridge is fortified. Secured, baby! Never, never insecure. And then, my brain cells shifted into intelligence and I saw that the subject line said SECURE VIAGRA. Oh.....

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  1. Oh, what a disappointment? Now I'll bet your vagina is feeling a bit insecure, after all.

    I, for one, am quite happy to announce that I have no need for securing viagra. Yet.

  2. I'm wondering about the combo of secure Viagra and a secure vagina. Hmmmm?

  3. It couldn't hurt to secure both...but after you secure some Viagra, you get to shout


    Or something.

  4. I laugh and cry with you my friend. DeBoy was awake until 11:30 Wednesday night and 12:15 last night. He just wasn't sleepy. I hope this isn't the start of a trend.

  5. We have some valium. I'd be happy to share, but Brad needs it for his neck. :P

  6. had me seriously chuckling at this one...then Jennifer H. added her two cents and I could have spit coffee at the monitor...
    Security IS VERY important...especially if you are headed out on the any of us have time for THAT!
    Happy Jack O'Clock...I'll be toasting you witha little Merlot later!
    Blessings, E

  7. Oh I'm a little mess-up now...can't figure out if I should cry or laugh...cos' I'm feeling both emotions now!

  8. Sorry you are still getting that crappy spam--at least you found a way to get a laugh out of it.

  9. No seeing. Let there be no seeing when it's nighty-night time. Mom neeeddddssss her space.

    (I doubt this helps, but poor poor you.)

    Hope the weekend is better to you.

  10. My vagina has moved beyone secure and is leaning towards smug.

  11. Oh I'm snorting at both the posts and the comments.
    Tooo funny.

  12. I was going to leave something witty then I read Mrs. G's comment. Can't top that.

  13. Ohhhh. I thought it was a new McAfee product.

    Never mind.


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