Monday, May 5, 2008

You see, he believes he can already swim.

Today was BOY's first swimming lesson. He was BESIDE himself. He COULDN'T wait to get to the Y. We arrived a few minutes early, so I took him for a walk throughout the facility. We stopped in at the gym, which was empty, and he had a great time running on gymnastic mats, scaling a bar, and hearing his shoes squeak on the gymnasium floor. We visited the weight rooms, he took a swing at a punching bag, and we went up and down stairs. It only slowed him down a bit, but I think it helped both of us. I was really anxious about the lesson. BOY absolutely LOVES water, of any kind. But, he is a bit fearless and his impulse control is OUT THERE. Right before we went to the pool, BOY had to go the bathroom. As he was washing his hands he started singing:

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine headin' my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

...and I about died watching him so full of happiness.

Last Wednesday I brought him to the Y to go swimming during the open swim. I thought it would help him to see where he would be taking the swimming lessons. He was like a rolling marble. He leaped out of the little pool and was down the steps of the big pool within seconds. I got to him very quickly, but not before he had stepped off the last step and gone under, swallowing some water. He was quite startled. You see, he believes he can already swim. I had to sit down with him and the lifeguard and go over the pool rules, (which I had already done 3X!), letting him know that if there were any other incidents of running away from me we would leave. He was pretty good after that. He'd get ahead of me, but then stop when he got to the steps.

Just before his class started today, we met his swimming teacher and I described BOY as "incredibly enthusiastic about taking swimming lessons, how he loves the water and is fearless-- with impulse control being really...well, minimal at present." The teacher smiled. It seems that they weren't too concerned and thought it was great that he loved the water. And it WAS great! He did so well! I watched him from the waiting room, sitting by the huge glass window looking into the pool area. He kept popping off the stairs and wanting to go out into the pool with the teacher every time, his turn or not, but the teacher handled it well. And BOY just thrived. He practiced kicking, blew bubbles, tried using his arms and just played in the water. And every once in a while he would move his goggles up to the top of his head and readjust them, before putting them back over his eyes. Just that simple gesture...and he looked SO big. So mature. So "heading toward 5ish." It was a joyful experience to see him today and to glimpse the bigger boy lurking underneath, who will be here all too quickly.

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Jennifer H said...

All that, AND sleeping through the night. Big boy steps, aren't they?

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Pretty exciting stuff! How wonderful that he isn't fearful, I would love to be that enthusiastic about life.
It was our 4 year olds first soccer game tonight and he was exactly the same, watching him was the most fun I have had in ages.
Their joy is so contagious.

Jen said...

The swimming will probably help with the sleeping through the night thing. (Let's hope) So glad he enjoyed it, and that it went well.

Anonymous said...

It is a wonderful stage I think that 3-7 phase - they learn so many things and slip back and forward between little boys and big boys. My son is six and has just decided he wants to read - he is reading everything everywhere we go and he just hoovers it all up.

If your son has no fear of water he will learn quickly. All mine did. It's the ones who won't put their heads under who take ages!

Elizabeth said...

Ah, those Joyous moments!
It is the best thing in the world to watch them as they grow.
My children are not fond of water and we've had to put a "simple set" pool in our yard to get them more comfortable. Blessedly, the girls can both stand up in the entire pool and Snorkie is still not that interrested. We'll see if that changes this summer.
Blessings, EJT

A Mom Two Boys said...

So sweet. It's bittersweet to see the grown child in them, isn't it?

Mrs. G. said...

Boy is really growing up. He sounds like a natural born water bug. I love the fearlessness of kids-as long as mom is around to break the fall.

Janet said...

That's so great. He's really growing up. Scary and wonderful at the same time. We're looking for someone to give the kids swimming lessons this summer but so far the only one we've found won't take kids until they're 6.

Anonymous said...

So sweet. Mine loves the water but won't go under. They are something else. I'm glad he loved it so much.

Lisa said...

It's good that he loves the water. One of my girls is scared to death and it takes everything just to put her foot in the water.
Such a great story :)

MamaGeek said...

How bittersweet! I love that he is so passionate about something but a twinge of pain hit my heart that he feels like he's venturing from the nest already!

Loved this tale JCK.

dawn224 said...

ah how much fun! and sleeping through the night? eh, I don't know if I know how anymore!

phd in yogurtry said...

Hoorah, FishBOY! I bet swim instructors enthusiastically welcome enthusiastic beginners.

As our lame duck president put it so eloquently, "human being and fish can coexist peacefully" (as seen, just now, on The Colbert Report)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Ya gotta love water babies. I once grabbed Danger Boy by the ankle as he was diving into the pool (22 months old) while I changed Social Butterfly's diaper on a lounge chair.

Manic Mommy said...

I love that story. The enthusiasm. You just want to hug him and sing along.

We keep having to remind HRH that you aren't born able to do everything. He's hitting 1:3 at baseball and is FURIOUS.

HRH said...

I too have a child with a lack of safety awareness. It is hard to keep from having a panic attack when in his presence especially if that presence includes water, moving cars or heights.

Jason said...

Exactly how old is BOY? Cuz he sounds an awful lot my BOY, who is 4 yrs, 2 months.

g said...

How wonderful to think of all that pure, unalloyed joy! Lucky you!

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