Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bathing suit...a one piece WONDER

THIS....BULLETIN...JUST....IN ....FROM....JCK..... CUTE, DEEP BROWN, HALTER ONE PIECE BATHING SUIT FOUND!!! What's up is up and what's around stays a ROUND. No need for frump, bump or lump. And where did I find this gem? This pièce de résistance ? Once again, SCORE AT TARGAY!

In fact it "flatters, fits and inspires confidence."

And it even goes with the Targay hat!

No bathing SKIRT, people!! Never, NEVER, never! This fishnet Mama DON'T do skirts.

*off to do pushups and to keep up my image of a 2 fisted, whiskey drinkin', chocolate munchin', caffeine gulpin' good ol' flat assed MAMA!

*TOTAL LIE on the pushups. Oh, and the crunches. Unless the chocolate is crispy!

**Photo Credit: Esther Williams from Google Images

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  1. That would be a Nestle's Crunch bar. Yum!

  2. I think in my size, the bathing skirt is called a bathing TENT.

    A big woohoo for finding a bathing suit! Target rocks.

  3. Yes, I have fallen victim to the skirt because it falls so nicely OVER cottage cheese thighs. I know! I know! ewwww.

    Hey, I have declared my love for you on multiple occasions, but have linked to you in the my discussion group blog. We are discussing women in the new media and I wanted to introduce them to you. Here it is if you want to take a look.

    PS. You are going to look HOT.

  4. HA! We probably bought the same bathing suit. I got a one piece brown suit at Target also.

  5. I wear my skirt proudly, dammit. And someday, so will you...(cackle, cackle)...

  6. I NEED the tent. I've fallen victim to sewing my own bathing attire...can't be called a suit.
    Hooray for you!
    New post at my place finally...ugh.
    Blessings, EJT

  7. i have to admit to considering the skirt thing. honestly, nothing looks good at this point...

  8. Tar-jay is truly amazing at times, isn't it?!
    Congrats on the lovely suit!

  9. Count me in the "skirt" ranks. I bought one because I like how I look in my tennis skirts. i.e., rumples safely under cover.

    But avoid them as long as possible (forever). They're too easy to hide under.

  10. Procuring just the right suit, in May - Genius.

    Good for you.

  11. CONGRATS! That deserves a candy bar AND a glass of wine my friend!

    I love me my Targhetto.

  12. you totally are DYING TO BE ME. stop. give me my life back. is this not me?

    "a 2 fisted, whiskey drinkin', chocolate munchin', caffeine gulpin' good ol' flat assed MAMA!?"

    consider thyself warned.

  13. Congrats!! Since that is probably the cruelest garment a woman ever has to buy.

  14. I blogged about this after you inspired me - it IS the cruelest garment!
    Glad you found one though!!

  15. Ooh, do we get to see a photo???
    I am desperately looking for a suit to contain my preggo belly and the sisters, but it does not seem to exist. ugh.

  16. I'm so glad you can now enter the pool area with confidence. You'll have a much better summer!

    Will you be wearing your fishnets with your new suit?


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