Thursday, May 15, 2008

BOY sets future sights on making beer

Conversation with BOY on the freeway:

See those huge tanks, BOY? That is a beer plant - where they make beer.

When I grow up, I'm going to make beer, right mom?

Well, BOY, you might not like beer when you grow up.

Oh, PISH POSH, I'll like beer when I grow up.


Mom....I'm SERIOUS.

At the rate BOY's learning to swim and now this professed fondness for a future that includes making beer....I am a LITTLE afraid.

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  1. Oh Pish Posh Mummy.....

    ....what about learning to swim in beer - might make it more fun!

  2. oh just get rich like the maker of Tiger Beer and not get drunk!

  3. i think your work as a mother is done. he's chosen his life purpose -- what else is left for you to do?

  4. Hey, when I drink beer I prefer microbreweries. Let me know when he gets it going!

  5. "Oh Pish Posh"?! Did you suddenly move to England? What a riot.

  6. Pish Posh?????
    Have you watched Mary Poppins lately?
    BOY cracks me up too!

  7. Dad must be very proud.

    HRH wants to be either a Veteranarian or an Architect. RC is going to be a leg breaker.

  8. Hmmmmm making he could combine swimming AND beer drinking and become a sailor?

  9. pish posh!!

    that would kill me dead.

  10. My hubby made lager in his dorm room. He can make it and still have a white collar job!

  11. Pish Posh?
    is he 4 or 40?
    Well, at least he has goals!

  12. be VERY afraid. I once went to a coworker's party. Learned that he thought himself the local brewmaster. Oh my GAWD, what a mess he had in his poor wife's kitchen. I wanted to hug her and point the way to the nearest woman's shelter.

    I often tell my husband I'm grateful for at least three things: that he doesn't fish, he doesn't have any type of automotive hobbies and that he doesn't do homebrew.

  13. Pish posh? I would have died right there, laughing!

    It's good to have a dream. And just think, you'll get free beer for parties.

    Too funny. And he's SERIOUS.

  14. Think of how popular he'll be in college :)

    And hey at least he's thinking of his future--most guys don't do that til they're like 30!

  15. Mmmm... beer... has he displayed a fondness for pro wrestling yet?

    when that happens, I'd really start to worry.

  16. Back in my granola days, I had a boyfriend who made beer and wine at home. It was my job to wash out used wine and beer bottles so would could fill them with his concoctions. We'd actually go dumpster diving to collect bottles! eeuww!

    The house smelled like yeast! We even had a little machine that put the metal caps on the beer bottles.

    (but actually, now that I think of it, the beer was pretty good.....)

  17. "Beer making is a marvel." No truer words have ever been printed. I think beer making is a very important job, and we need someone intelligent and trustworthy to do the job. I would feel better knowing your son was in charge.

  18. By the time he's in college he'll rather drink it than make it.


  19. I'm with the others, I haven't got over 'pish, posh' yet. I have friends who did some home brewing. They made some good stuff, but they got bored with it after awhile. A LOT of effort for not a lot of product. Of course, now they have chickens . . .


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