Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Last night we sat down to dinner. Canned chicken stew from Trader Joe's with a few green beans added. (I was tired, OK?) Heated on the stove in 7 minutes. Accompanied by crackers. Whiskey would have been a nice finish to this elaborate meal, but alas...water and milk were had by all.

The Blessing by BOY:

Thank you, God, for a wonderful meal. Thank you for Daddy and Mommy and GIRL. ............ I love you guys.

We thanked BOY for doing the blessing, and E got up to kiss him and tell him he loved him, too.



It is these moments that I will treasure forever. And hopefully will hold on to when BOY is a teenager and the very last thing he will say is that he loves us. Or, that canned chicken stew is a wonderful meal. Maybe I'm wrong about the teenage years, but I'm not in any hurry to get there. Unless I'm reading Jenn's post on life at the beach: The Beach: Toddlers versus Teenagers. And then I am very, very jealous. But...with these little people, life is full of great, big, bursts of love right now [inserted with the occasional colossal tantrum], and... I. Want. To. Feel. That.

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  1. As a newly indoctrinated mom to a teen boy, it is a more rare event to hear the I love you's. It takes getting used to. We did however, set up tweeter accounts and one evening I got to read "I love my mom. A lot." So I go and read that whenever I need a fix. In fact, I think I need one now : )

  2. That is so sweet! I have to admit, the teen years make me nervous.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful, kind comments on my blog--you totally made my day :)

  3. Aw shucks indeed. Sweet sweet sweet. And frankly, that chicken stew sounds yummy.

  4. Hey--thanks for the shout out. You know what? I have loved every stage more than the one before. And THAT is saying a lot!

  5. Ah, if only I could get my kids to eat chicken stew! The ease of preparation makes it a wonderful meal in my book, but what a bonus that your kids thought so, too.

    Those moments are golden...and "Aw shucks" is pretty darn cute!

  6. Awww! So cute! I so adore kids this age, everything that comes out of their mouths is precious!

  7. I don't want to burst your bubble but enjoy these compliments while they last-canned stew gets me NOTHING.

  8. kids are 3 and 4 now...I think I'm not prepared to let go of the acting crazy and playing silly games for the be-proper-at-all-times teenage parenting life, as yet.

  9. Aw shucks?
    Pish Posh?
    He slays me.
    It's a 80 year old woman in a four year old body.

    Mmmm stew!

  10. It's times like these that we as Mothers hold on to! AND when they are peacefully sleeping!! Gotta love those times.

  11. These are the moments that you will treasure. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just record them and add them to the blog!

    It seems to me it's not the complexity of the meal, but the time spent together that makes it so savory and memorable.


  12. Hey, when I'm tired the kids get hot dogs. At least you gave them veggies.

  13. I thought the same thing about Jenn's post...such a magical time is ahead, but then I think...they are growing up too fast. Stop. Think. Enjoy. Today. So hard to do sometimes!


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