Saturday, May 3, 2008

It is too late to hide HER

It is too late to hide HER
standing naked
legs planted wide
palms OPEN to the sky.

She arrived here
riding a wild wave
myriad colored shells
dripping from her wind lashed hair.

Some broken
some whole
all borne of a LIFE
flexing inward.

The tide receding
to reveal HER
tasting the panoply
of juicy bits.

SHE living amongst shadows
all this time and more
her artistic resonance
buried deep.

Part narcissistic nemesis?
Part pleasure goddess?
Why now? Why HER?
Why not?

HIGH on words
she who is GREEDY, rapacious she?

** Painting Credit: The Birth of Venus, 1879
William-Adolphe Bouguereau

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  1. JCK, did you write this poem?? It's amazing and beautiful...did you just take a look at the picture and say, I'm feeling inspired, I think I'll write a poem!
    Actually, it sounds like you're describing a creative muse...

  2. This is phenomenal, I am lost in it

  3. Stunning, and so powerful. Beautiful.

    Your talent continues to amaze me.

  4. I never thought of the goddess of love in this way--just brilliant!

  5. I did write this. Then I tried to find a picture that best fit the images swirling in my head. The words come first usually, but an interesting idea to find a picture that resonates and create words from there. I appreciate all of your comments!

  6. beautiful poem! loved it. evokes a woman powerful in her lust. we need more of these images.

  7. I LOVE your poetry.

    Have you read the book, The Birth of Venus? You would enjoy it, I'm sure.

  8. Thanks for explaining---you are very talented!

  9. OK, lets just say that 4:30 am for you is very different then 4:30 for me. That was genius.

  10. Wow JCK!
    My heart raced as I read this, I have to go back and read again because I had to read at the pace of my heart. Stunning.

  11. Truly beautiful and powerful.

  12. Really beautiful J - I loved this!

    I have missed you - hope you are well. See you soon - Kellan

  13. Beautiful. Powerful. Passionate.

    Girl, you ARE TALENTED. And I'm not blowing smoke. I'm sincere.

  14. That was beautiful.

  15. lovely.

    that painting always reminds me of my college roommate, who had a thing for venus. i gave her a shower curtain with that painting on it. ;)

  16. JCK, you are a genius! Love the poem. What talent you've got up there, nicely protected by your skull...

  17. Wow. You have an amazing talent, lady. I love it.

    I mean it when I say you should write a book!

    You know, in your free time. :)


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