Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mommy, I think it is like a hot tub

Watching and listening to GIRL these days is a trip. A study in contrasts. She is at once deliberately rebellious: from refusing to go to bed or getting dressed for the day, to advanced thought processes that just blow me away. I try not to get into tug-of-war battles with her - as in "choose your battles." But, I'm not as agile at avoiding the muck of a sling fest as I'd like to be. I'm a little slow on the take. What with my brain cells decreasing as fast as hers are increasing, perhaps someday we'll be meeting halfway. One can only dream...

This morning, after we finally succeeded in getting out of the house, GIRL and I were in the minivan on our way to Mommy & Me at church.

GIRL, are you getting excited about being in Pre-K next year?


Well, that's OK. You've got a lot more time in your room 3 class now. I'm glad you're having fun at school.

Mommy, I think it is like a hot tub. At first it is really hot, but then you get used to it.

Girl, that is a GREAT explanation! What you just did is make an "analogy". An analogy is when you compare one thing to another in a similar way. Like the feeling of starting a new class, Pre-K, with the comparison to when you first get in a hot tub.

She's not even 4 years old and she's making analogies. I think I'll go sit in a hot bath for a while. I've got a raging case of PMS. I expect to be in the tub for a long time. Perhaps when I get out, she'll be a teenager. And I'll be going through menopause. Perfect timing! Forget hot baths. Pass the chocolate and the whiskey, please. I've earned my JackO'Clock.

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  1. That's pretty amazing, and seems young. What a treat to see them mature, and then have whiskey :-)

  2. quite an impressive analogy at that! there's a whole lot of college students who couldn't have come up with that one.

  3. Damn. that child is scarey-smart!

  4. My stomach is still to iffy to think about Jack O'Clock. Great analogy though.

  5. Teenaged daughter + Menopause = Move closer to Lynchburg.

    (I know whereof I speak. It's 4 hours and 42 minutes from me.)

  6. That is a smart cookie. Ask her in advance what it will be like sharing a hotel room with a girl you don't know who is a self-proclaimed prozac popper and who writes a sex column. Let's just see what she says.

  7. Wow! What a smartie! Did she look at you like you were weird when you started explaining analogies?

  8. She is scary smart. You are in so much better get that hot tub running.

  9. That's so super smart! Bet she inherited that gene from you, yah? *wink*

  10. Don't they just freak you out? Ooh ooh. You're gonna have your hands FULL in a few more years. I think you better get a chaser for that fifth of scotch.

  11. Take to the tub, stat. PMS + smart girls = fatigue.

    (I love me a smart girl, any day.)

    Feel better.

  12. Very impressive--you have quite a smart one there :)

  13. That is crazy impressive!
    Sorry it took me so long to reciprocate the blog visit.

    Great PMS treat. bag of chocolate chips, bag of butterscotch chips. Chex cereal, peanuts or pretzels.
    Melt the 'chips'

    Dump the cereal and the p or p into a large bowl. Combine with 'chips'
    Scoop out by Tbsps onto parchment, let cool. It's chocolaty, crunchy, sweet and salty.

  14. So what time, exactly, is Jack o'clock. Any time you want it to be? Or do you have a Jack routine?

  15. I think that is a sign of some seriously high intelligence. She has her mother's way with words ;)

  16. Great analogy!
    Snorkie doesn't like wearing dress pants, and we insist on them for church. Today I got smart and gave him a choice of two different pairs. He chose. No complaints!
    Woo Hoo. I'm not always that quick on the uptake either!
    Blessings, EJT

  17. Wow, I am thoroughly impressed with your little smartie-pants.
    I hope you got to enjoy your JackO'clock. I have to stick to tea and chocolate. No whiskey or hot baths for me. wah.

  18. She is indeed brilliant. I have often joked about me hitting menopause about the time the Queen hits puberty. DeBoy and the Mountain Man will probably make us move.


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