Thursday, May 1, 2008

One baby with hair. And one with not much.

Will you tuck in my babies for me?

Tonight I tucked in two little babies. Their mommy was so tired she stumbled on her way to bed. One baby with hair. And one with not much. Their eyes wide open as I turned them over on their tummys. It is important that I honor her way of doing things. I couldn't find the special baby blankets. I looked around the room and finally spied the overstuffed large purse. She was well prepared. The baby blankets were there. As were a bottle of milk, one of juice, a rolling pin, colander, 2 stew pots, napkins for high tea, a bracelet, and a Fancy Nancy fan from a recent bookstore outing. How she loves those books! As I tucked the blankets around each baby, I couldn't help but remember...not so long ago, when I had two babies. Close in age, yet not twins. One baby with hair. And one with not much. I gently patted their backs and turned off the light...

**Photo: Fancy Nancy: Bonjour Butterfly

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  1. So sweet. I love that you turned her babies over on their tummies, just like your girl would.

    Loved this.

  2. Sweet. I stumbled around the house last night trying to find Dylan's stuffed puppy "Woofy". No sleep was going to be had until that damn dog was found. Luckily, he was recovered and all was well with the world.

  3. You are going to make me cry. That is just the sweetest. ever.

  4. lovely. simply lovely.
    I made a promise to myself when my eldest was born, to never say "I can't wait 'till"...I don't want to spend my days rushing through their childhood, to find myself on the other side wishing they were little again.
    Good for you...stopping and recalling your babies.
    God Bless, EJT

  5. this was so beautifully done I kept looking for the quotation marks expecting that it was taken from some classic's almost like poetry! So sweet.

  6. Oh I just love that--so sweet!

  7. I had one with hair and one without too. These days people say to me, "which one of your twins . . .?" and I look at them and they do look so similar but as babies they did not because of the hair. Mine are not twins either but they are exactly the same height and are very similar.

    I have my broody moments actually - there is something special about tiny babies, particularly when they are sleeping.

  8. Is there anything more beautiful than a sleeping baby? And their soft skin, makes me...gooey.

  9. awww... babies, yummy.
    oh and congrats on the sleeping through the night, hope you get a repeat performance. I mean many!

  10. That's so very sweet. While we were away we stayed with some friends and the kids slept on a futon in a room that also had a coffee table. Before she went to sleep, the Queen tucked in her Baby Doll Like Carol's on the coffee table. DeBoy had snagged Michele's tennis racket and was carrying it around all evening. After he spied this routine, he gently laid down the racket next to the Baby Doll, covered it up, patted it and kissed it good night.

  11. my daughter just walked in and said "Fancy Nancy!"


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