Sunday, May 25, 2008

Collecting clouds and the Witsy, Witsy Spider

Best moments of the week:

Mommy, I want to collect the clouds! - from BOY.

BOY, you can't collect the clouds. - GIRL, ever the pragmatist.

I know how we can do it! ...with a construction truck, NO...a cloud truck! -BOY, ever the inventor. He may invent a cloud truck yet. I would not be surprised.


E got new sneakers yesterday. They are quite white. And bright! In fact, the glare off of them is tremendous and noticeable. He is very proud.

Daddy, do those shoes light up? - BOY noticing shoes, but then how can he NOT notice these shoes.

No, BOY, I wish they did. - E, very, very proud of his very white, bright new shoes.

Well, they certainly look like they could light up! - JCK, blinded and stunned by the greatness of said very white shoes.

Did I mention that they are very white?


GIRL has been articulate from a very young age. At 2 she was talking in full sentences, often stringing 2-3 at a time. So, one of the things that I find most endearing is when she doesn't quite have a word down. Elephants used to be "elemens," the itsy, bitsy spider was the "witsy, witsy" spider and she still says, "I sink" for "I think." I never correct her, other than occasionally repeating back what she has said so that she can hear the very slight correction in my voice. I know that she will learn these things on her own, like she has with other words, and there are so few of them.

One night last week I was reminiscing with her about how she used to call the "itsy, bitsy spider" the "witsy, witsy spider" and how cute that was. So, now every night when I tuck her in, after we sing "Twinkle, Twinkle little star," we sing "The Witsy, Witsy Spider." She is able to differentiate doing that at home and singing it with the "correct" pronunciation anywhere else. I'm not sure who is loving this more, but it makes us both giggle.

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  1. My stepsister is 40 and I still prefer her to say "pasketti" instead of "spaghetti."

  2. Maybe that's how Einstein became so famous, inventing things that adults think is nonsense....

    ...the shoe gonna be grey very soon, before black comes...

    its so sweet to have 'silly' fun together with your children before they become old enough and start talking back, ya?

  3. We still call waffles, "faffles" because of Boy-Child#1. I love kid language!

  4. At our house, it was the "itchy, itchy spider." The off words are usually funnier!

    I'm sorry, what color are his shoes? :-) You should scuff them up a little when he's asleep. But for now, at least you won't lose him if you go hiking at night.

  5. witsy, witsy .. awww .. that's just too cute

    there are so many, but one my favorites from my kids has to be "boobooberry"

  6. I love how he is not in any way discouraged by someone telling him you can't.

    I adore toddler talk, I am actually saddened a teensy bit every time my daughter starts saying things the correct way. They grow terribly fast!

  7. But what would he do with all those clouds?!

    I hate to admit I love when they say a word wrong--my favorite is 'lellow' for yellow

  8. THe Queen has many speech issues (h instead of a beginning l, for isntance), but occasionally she'll just get a word WRONG. She was singing "Up on the Housetop" along with a musical bear that I bought in a moment of insanity (I really shouldn't be allowed to shop alone), and I heard, "Down through the chimney with Old Saint Sniff."

    We can get colors out of the rainbow when we swing. Boy sounds like he'd fit right in.

  9. I'm always so sad when they start pronouncing "those words" correctly! One at a time, they disappear!

  10. I have a book recommendation for your cloud collector...
    Sector 7 by David Weisner

    I love toddler speak. I wish I had written down every wonderful mispronounced word! I can't remember most of them.

  11. I'm sorry, it's kind of hard to hear you over THE SHOES...

    RC counts eight, nine, ten, lemon. Lemon is also used for those letters between K and O when singing the alphabet song.

    I don't correct him because I love it.

  12. I love the witsy spider story - how sweet! One of the girls I used to watch used to sing the alphabet song "H-I-J-K-M&M's-O-P"! You never know what kids will come up with, and I love it!

  13. these are the best kind of parenting moments

  14. Our Son when learning to talk, once took his bottle out of his mouth with a squeaky slurp, gazed at it, and said to me "Is this not milk? And is it not here for me to drink?"

    I thought he was channelling Laurence Olivier, but in reality I think he was trying to work out how verbal negatives worked. Nevertheless, I was stunned.

    he is totally embarrassed everytime we tell that story.


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