Saturday, May 10, 2008

You found me HOW?

It seems that people find Motherscribe by various means. Searches that is. We'll just put these under the category:

You found me HOW?

Gluteal Cleft - yep, I OWN that one.

500 great cookies to make - oh, YES, that's ME... Miss Susie Homemaker. I whip up 500 cookies ALL the time. Actually, I do enjoy baking. But, my sights are a bit lower than 500 cookies. I do love making easy cookie recipes with my kids. Or, maybe not easy... Just ask Happy Geek about that. She's still cursing me months later.

Video of baby coming out of vagina - NOT IN THIS LIFE TIME.

Crabby Mom Award - Guilty. But, I wear it proudly on my sidebar.

Flashdance hair - yes, I LIVED the 80's.

A good mother is a GOD design - Why, thank you. I'll thank GOD for designing me in the morning when I go to church. I'm just going to assume YOU think I'm a good mother.

Sound of rolling marbles - mmmm, didn't know others could hear them rolling around up there.

I feel like disconnected - I DO live in Southern California. I DON'T believe that I speak "VALLEY GIRL", though.

Craig's List bunk beds - DON'T do it! Keep them in toddler beds until highschool. Your children will never sleep through the night again!! Here's the post on the bunk beds debacle, otherwise known as the closest one can come to Mommy Dearest without a hanger.

Selfish Freak - apparently so.

Viggo putting cigarette out on tongue - Viggo YES. Tongue none of your business. But, cigarettes....NO. He IS going to try and quit for me. He's nice like that.

Wrinkle Cream - some of them apparently work. Just don't mix it with hemorroid cream. Not that YOU were thinking of doing that.

Long Nailed Mistress - Oh, YES... I have SO much time on my hands to be a Mistress AND to have long nails. How DID you find out?

Tootsie Farklepants - Uh...No. I believe YOU are a bit confused. The lovely Ms. Farklepants can be reached here.

Where will I be in 10 years from now - Well, yes, but THAT was written in 1993. Now I'll hopefully be progressing past writing posts on how people find me in search engines.

Cartoon kids & docid - I admit I had no idea what "docid" meant. I still don't. This is what the Free Dictionary said: DOCID is not available in the general English dictionary and thesaurus. However in a google search, I did learn this:The DocID is generally the last item in the header. And now class is dismissed. See you tomorrow.

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  1. I know I used the hemmorhoid cream once before and it worked. After your story though, I'm terrified to try it again!

  2. Gluteal Cleft would make a great band-name. (note for future when BOY is 14)

  3. See? We do look like we could be sisters!

  4. The search for "video of baby coming out of vagina" was me. So sorry. :-)

    At least you never wrote a post about how babies are made. You can imagine the searches that lead to me!

  5. searches are fun. i recently go "should i punish my wife and forgive her" Um... forgiveness means you DON'T punish, buddy. and yes, I'm a fan of forgiveness.

  6. how about 500 cookies while baby is coming out of vagina? now that would be super mom!

  7. Wow, I've been reading you a while because I think I've read most of those! Happy Mother's Day, JCK!

  8. These are so funny. I love reading about searches and where they lead!

  9. haha yes, people do search for weird things. I'm no longer Googleable but when I was I had some very odd ones, most of which were linked to dog poo after a post I wrote on that subject.

  10. Very impressive search terms! Happy Mother's day to you!

  11. What a random assortment of things! I have no idea how people find me, and I'm too scared to find out.

  12. Gluteal Cleft. Ah, what a GREAT blog name.

  13. That valley girl one was for me. Thanks for taking it. I was born in the valley so like it's really OK that I like talk like that.


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