Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where is heaven?

I've been a little down & out the last couple of days fighting some kind of Montezuma's revenge... boil, boil, toil and trouble...going on in my stomach. I was lying down on the couch last night and BOY came up to me.

Why are you lying down, mommy?

I don't feel well, BOY.

Oh, do you have a FEVER? You do. I know what you have. You have mouth fever.

Mouth fever?

Yes, that is a very, very bad fever and you are sick all over. Yes, you have mouth fever.


GIRL and I were talking the other day about the various things that I do.

I'm a mom, I'm a writer--

No, you're a blogger.


BOY's been learning how to do some things on the computer. He can now click and drag with the mouse. He likes to play games and puzzles on the Thomas site.

BOY, time for dinner!

I can't. I'm blogging right now.


During storytime, I was reading a book about children going to sleep in all different ways around the world and how GOD loves every child.

BOY: Where is GOD? I miss him.

ME: He's right here, sweetie. He's always with you.

BOY: Where is heaven?

ME: I think it is up, but I don't know.

BOY: It's on the moon!

ME: It is?

GIRL: Why can't we take our bones with us?

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Angeline said...

*laugh* Wow! Mouth fever eh? Hmmmm...learned a 'new' sickness and it sounds bad!

Your girl sums it up for you - a blogger (IS a mom & writer combine)

from your kids, I know how much time you are spending infront of your monitor...*laugh*

Ellyn said...

My little boy asks me every morning, What are you putting on your bloooooooooooooog (Don't know why he says it this way) today mommy? He is always most thrilled when it is something about him.

Mouth fever? That sounds bad. Hope you are going to be OK.

Manic Mommy said...

We talk about heaven a lot too. We haven't addressed burial and not taking your body with you.

If he's getting into computer games, put him on Two friends who are kindergarten teachers recommended it and it's great.

Stacie said...

so cute...

Not now mom, I'm blogging.

Anonymous said...

haha very good, glad to see they have got you sussed.

I gave up trying to lie down when I felt ill as one or other of them would prowl over armed with a toy medical box and try to cure me. I guess it worked as I didn't linger long on the sofa with all jabby pokey things they brandished at me!

happygeek said...

Too cute.

Jennifer H said...

Mouth that like mono? :-)

I love it when you post the things your kids say. So sweet. Hilarious that Boy said "I'm blogging right now."


flutter said...

sorry, Girl is wrong, you are a writer

Memarie Lane said...

My kids are still trying to figure out who or what God is. If they see a cross they ask me if that's God. We were reading a book about Noah and Max pointed at Noah and asked if HE was God.

Denise said...

Love this! We are about to get our two small ones a computer. The fun is about to begin. I am SURE they will think they need a blog too. :o)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Mouth fever sounds very serious--get that checked out ;)

And bloggers are writers--there's just even less money involved!

Jen said...

If mouth fever involves sticking your foot way up in your mouth, I get that quite often.

What is the name of that book? It sounds great. I'm always looking for books that show people in different parts of the world. I think kids should be exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking early.

OHmommy said...

"I can't, I'm blogging"

LMAO. How funny is that? I can almost picture it. So cute!

g said...

You are a writer and a fine one at that.

In our family, when someone feels sick, we say "I feel so bad even my hair hurts!" which comes from something my husband said when he was a little boy to describe feeling sick.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Good questions and good answers.

Feel better soon.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

These are a couple of pretty groovy kids and one groovy mom.

phd in yogurtry said...

Your little preschool bloggers. How sweet.

I am going to comment in retrospect here .. no wonder you were feeling your age on your birthday -- recovering from tummy troubles. Hope you are feeling right by today.

Amy @ Milk Breath and Margaritas said...

Not now I'm blogging?!?

That is hilarious!

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