Friday, September 19, 2008

Perhaps I'm feeling my mortality a bit

There are those days in which you go from one task to the next, waking up before dawn and not stopping until you climb into bed. In this case, with my laptop. Yes, it has been one of those busy days. Yet, I've been tuned in to it all, feeling grateful for my life. That I have this life. My own. Perhaps I'm feeling my mortality a bit. Turning 47 can do that to you.

Today I am grateful..... have the tasks that have kept me busy, for they speak of my being a mother.

...for my husband because he loves me, encourages me and is open to my growth as a woman and human being.

...for the joy and excitement on my daughter's face today as she anticipates her birthday tomorrow. She was given a birthday crown at school today, and didn't take it off until she got in the bathtub tonight.

...for my son as he insisted that I have a candle to blow out with my dessert at dinner. He is a sweet one, my boy who is not yet five.

...for my father who called to wish me a happy birthday today, and spoke of the day he was having - windows flung open to catch a fall breeze -the weather reminding him of when I was born in New York all those years ago.

...for my mother who always writes the mushiest, most loving cards, and tells me that I am a good mother.

...for my brothers and sister who never forget my birthday.

...for friends who nourish and inspire me.

...for the discovery of how much I love to write.

...for caffeine, chocolate and a little whiskey.

...for fishnets

...and for the life that I have, just as it is. In this moment in time...may I live it well and wisely...

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  1. Happy Birthday to both you and you daughter!!

  2. Happy Birthday and here's to many, many more!

  3. Happy Birthday, my friend! For some reason this brought tears to my eyes. Perhaps I am feeling my mortality a bit, as well. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!
    To you and to girl!

  5. Birthdays do become times of reflection as well as celebration as time passes. I hear you! Gratitude for all the gifts that come with our life makes the celebration that much sweeter. Happy belated Birthday to you!

  6. Happy, happy birthday to one blessed woman. May you feel loved and grateful each day....

  7. Happy Birthday (belated). I think we all need to make a list like this every day -- and be grateful...

  8. Happy Birthday! It was my daughter's birthday yesterday as well. Amazing people, amazing birthdays. Hope your day/weekend is fabulous.

    P.S. You couldn't have saved the grateful bit for Monday? (just kidding)

  9. Happy Happy Birthday to You!

    I like you for who you are...
    Older than me! :o) ROTFL

    Just kidding.

    I do like you for who you are. And your grateful list is touching :o)

  10. I'm raising a glass for you and Girl.

    True happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have.


  11. How awesome that you and your daughter have b-days one day apart! Wonderful. I think it's so sweet that you consider your mom's opinion of your parenting as a blessing. I concur!

  12. Happy Birthday!

    What a wonderful belated present you had--happy birthday weekend to both of you.

  13. Happy birthday to you and Girl! As you remember and treasure your family, so will they remember and treasure you.

    JCK - I'm so lucky I met you and Tootsie and other women bloggers at the Bossy meet & greet - you inspired me to start writing, and it is such a pleasure. That was a gift you guys gave me.

    So on your birthday - if I could deliver an equal helping of pleasure and richness I would wrap it up in a big box with a bow and ship it to you!

    but as it is - happy happy birthday!

  14. Happy Happy birthday to you.
    Happy Happy Happry birthday to GIRL.


  15. Happy birthday to you both! 'Twas a good year, 1961...and 2004, too. (Here's hoping I did GIRL's math right. If not, blame it on 1961.)

  16. Happy Birthday to you and Girl (and what a cutie Boy is becoming!)

    I was thinking about Gratitude lists just this magical they are in reflecting back to us just how wonderful our lives are,(especially when we are having a hectic or not so great day!)

    Thank you!

  17. Happy birthday, to you and your little girl. I hope you wore your crown til bathtime, too.

  18. What a beautiful post! I'm glad you discovered you love to write too.
    Happy Birthday,

  19. Happy Birthday! You are a blessing.

  20. happy, happy birthday! (er... late...)

  21. happy Birthday to you and Girl!

    I need to do a grateful post this week. I'm on a mission to be positive!

  22. Happy belated birthday (I like to help people make them last)!

    What a lovely, gracious list. You're a fine example for me on my crabby "I hate aging!" days.


    And I missed your birthday too!!! Gee whiz, that's it, no more vacations for moi.

    And I missed your birthday too!!! Gee whiz, that's it, no more vacations for moi.

  25. Sorry about the double comment. I thought the first click didn't take. Obviously I was mistaken.


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