Friday, September 12, 2008

An art project with BOY & GIRL

One of the highlights of our recent trip to my mom's was the time she spent with them on an art project. They made close-pin people. She has a large bin with all sorts of items that can be recycled into art projects. Tops, lids, spools, containers, all become other things firing up a child's imagination. She also has gorgeous swatches of fabric and colorful yarn.

GIRL worked very meticulously on her project. She spent over an hour and made 2 ladies and a house with Ma'Mai.

BOY made one man. He had some hair, pants barely on, and a face. Then he scribbled over the face and said, "He doesn't want you to see his face." He decided that a shirt was unnecessary on this clothes-pin man, but decided the man needed a town. There were 2 buildings, the man's footprints, and a lake with pistachio shell boats (Ma'Mai's idea.)

I LOVE their only a mother can.

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  1. What a wonderful art project! And what a FUN grandmother!

  2. It is quite plausible the bare chested man will soon require psychiatric stabilization.

  3. This reminded me of when I was little. We would go to my Grand Mother's every summer. She had these amazing floral bushes (peonies maybe) and she would make dolls out of them using tooth picks. I would pla with those dolls until the petals wilted and then she'd help me make more.

    I haven't thought about that in years. Thank you!

  4. what a great grandmother! and what wonderful memories for your children.

  5. Aww I love how different they are - you can definitely tell which one was made by a boy and which by a girl!

  6. First off, your mom is super cool - what a fun grandma!

    Secondly, I love this post. I think kid's art work is so fascinating and the differences here are pretty typical.

  7. My 3 yr old boy is next to me as I read this. He says the first picture is a girl and a boy and they are playing.

    The second picture is a boy standing by his skateboard.

    He also says that the picture on the top of your blog is a mommy who needs to clean up.

    He's an artistic genuius really.

  8. Awww...this is so cutie-fun! I must say, the 2 ladies that Girl made really appealed to me and reminded me of what I used to do when I was a tiny little girl...

  9. Oh yes, and do keep some of it.

    I have a box file for each of my children and I put in there bits of art work and little messages they have scribbled. I cull it from time to time as it is useless if there is too much in there. But it is great to look back.

    Each was different but certainly my daughter was so much more careful and meticulous from an early age - but less imaginative and free thinking - than any of the boys. But they are all different.

  10. Neat project! They are so blessed to have such a fun grandma!

  11. What a lovely project. I liked the lake...MY boy would say: You MUST have water...
    Blessings, EJT

  12. These are so cute. I came across a puppet I made when I was about 4 last month at my parents house. It was the scariest looking thing ever.


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