Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend tidbits from Casa de Motherscribe

FOR SALE: Gorgeous caramel brown leather sofa & chair. Great condition.

SOLD: To a single man with a hottie girlfriend. The hottie girlfriend patted the furniture. Patted it. I don't think I need to say more.

Single man ecstatic!

Direct Quote from single man:
This is the DEAL of the CENTURY!

It's a Win! Win!.......... JCK & E earn profit of $450.

Most importantly...

JCK's theory on leather furniture & men has been proven.

Conversation at local park:

Male Friend who helped E maneuver the leather furniture into the house over the BlogHer conference weekend while JCK was off campus (those sneaky, sneaky boys...) says to his wife: Do you believe JCK sold the leather furniture?!!!

Wife to JCK: What IS IT about the leather couch, anyway?

: You know when you say you're dusting books? It sounds like you are putting dust ON them.

GIRL definitely has a point. In fact, having children really shows you how ridiculous and nonsensical the English language is at times. It has given me renewed respect for anyone learning our language. And...yes, occasionally I do dust.

While unpacking items placed in a shopping bag by my mother, I noticed the shop's name... Soma Intimates....

Mmmmm...methinks the fishnets do not fall far from the tree....

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  1. the couch thing is hysterical.

    you dust? wanna come over here?

  2. Congrats on the couch! Now what?

    I owe my husband a comfy chair. I need to go shopping....

  3. I think you may have stumbled across the perfect title of a children's book for adults: Pat the Furniture.

  4. I have to admit to an inordinate fondness of leather furniture myself. I think it goes along with being a book lover to a degree. I have a vinyl love seat as it is.

  5. Patted it? hmmmm

    What does "dust" mean?


  6. Oh, dear. I can only hope you sprayed lysol on your eyes to get the image of your couch out. UGH.

  7. See this is why I don't dust... my books are dusty enough. No need to work at adding more. ;-)

  8. I love that you made a profit out of it! The picture made me think of that Friends episode with the couch, "Pivot! Pivot!" I miss that show.

  9. That's so funny that she patted it. Are you sure she wasn't a man dressed as a woman?

    Dusting? I'll have to look up that word in the dictionary.

  10. Have you read GIRL the book "The King Who Rained?" She'd love it!

  11. I say the girlfriend was patting the sofa as a gesture of having lost the battle but not the war. She is biding her time, friends.


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