Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chatty Snippets from the 6 hour road trip home

BOY: I'm going to marry GIRL! ......... Oh, you can't do that, right?

JCK: No, BOY, you can't do that. Someday you'll meet a lovely lady and marry her.

BOY: I could marry a man!

JCK: Yes, BOY you could.

BOY: GIRL, can you name your child "BOY?"

GIRL: Yes.....

GIRL: NO!! I'm not going to be parents. I'm going to be a doctor.

E: GIRL, you can be both a doctor and a parent.


JCK: Next time we come up here... when we get to this winding road, Daddy and I are going to switch seats and I'm going to drive.

E: No way.

JCK: I just can't take being in the passenger seat. My stomach...

E: I get that way, too, when I'm in the passenger seat. ..............I'll get you one of those miniature steering wheels so that you can feel like you're driving.

Wafts of what can only be human gaseous delights erupt from the rear...

JCK: Okay...WHO tooted?


GIRL: It was ME! heeehheeehahahahagigglegigglegiggle

E: SEE! It's primal. To laugh when you fart.

JCK's eyes roll around into the back of her head....

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  1. What fun! Any trip with children that does not involve, "He's hitting me! She's hitting me! Stop it! When are we gonna get there? Are we there yet?" is a raving success in my opinion.

  2. I'm kind of loving the picture of you in the passenger seat with your extra steering wheel.

  3. Ha--we say 'toot' too :)
    And they always laugh after.....

  4. You guys are a hoot! Or a toot, maybe. :-)

    That ironwork is gorgeous.

  5. I laughed at every single chat...but the 'steering wheel' made me roared!

  6. My kids wanted to marry each other, too . . . now they've decided they'll just live together.

  7. What? No bloody bickering?

    That's just the car trip for me...toots and all.

  8. Or they can both marry doctors -- gastroenterologists, maybe.

    Welcome home!

  9. Aw! My boy wants to marry his sister too, they are best buds, so cute.
    Hope you are having a great week.

  10. Did the less chatty snippets sound like

    Give that back!

    Don't touch me!


    Don't touch each other!

  11. The thing about the steering wheel?
    Hysterical. I got to drive last week when DH forgot his license at home. (Probably in the filing cabient.) It was heavenly.

  12. Welcome back! What cute little conversations! I miss those. These days we travel with three kids plugged into iPods and laptops. Not that I'm complaining TOO much : )

  13. "human gaseous delights"

    Only you can make a fart sound classy!

  14. I wonder if that would really work. . . the extra steering wheel thing! Try it next time, please.

  15. You should patent that extra steering wheel thing--it's just the kind of thing you'll see on a store shelf one day and kick yourself because someone else made a million bucks off your idea!

  16. I have said it before, and I'll say it again - farting is funny. It's a basic human law!

  17. nothing like a good road trip. i just realized my six year old has stopped saying he wants to marry me.... i'm so sad now.

  18. The Queen is highly annoyed that she can't marry her Daddy because he is already married to me. When we told her she couldn't marry her brother either, she decided to marry Grandma. We decided not to push it.

    We have a 6-hour trip coming up next week, and 4 hours the next day. I'll have to bring a notebook along in case there are snippets of hilarity between the movies and naps.

  19. It's true. Laughing and farting are both primal. And farts ARE funny.


  20. Oh, these are priceless! Especially the exchange between you and E. Is he saying that the curvy road makes him sick, or your driving makes him sick?


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