Sunday, September 21, 2008

A very, VERY DARK tale told by a BOY and a GIRL

The following must be spoken in hushed tones...

There was a dark, DARK forest.

In this dark, DARK forest was...

a dark, DARK house.

In the dark, DARK house was...

a dark, DARK room.

In the dark, DARK room was...
a dark, DARK closet.

In the dark, DARK closet was...

a dark, DARK shelf.

On the dark, DARK shelf was...

a dark, DARK bag.

In the dark, DARK bag was...

A GHOST!!!!!

A very, VERY DARK tale told by a BOY who is 4 & a GIRL who is also...4.

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  1. ooooh. sounds like they are discovering their dark sides.... just in time for halloween...

  2. Crap. Now I am not going to sleep a wink.

    PS--this is very, very cute.

  3. Hah! I think there was a kids book with this tale - or something like it - that used to just crack up my son when he was Boy and Girl's age!

  4. Yikes! Two four year old telling ghost stories. I'm scared. :-) They sound adorable.

  5. We just read a Halloween book last night just like that. And the ghost pops out on the last page.


  6. That was a scary story. Hope I can sleep tonight.

  7. *laugh* when I was little (6), my friends and I told this story before too, but shorter version, the Ghost appeared when we open the closet! *laugh*
    oh but at age 4! That's really good!

  8. Cool story. I'm so sorry I missed GIRL's birthday. Enjoy your couple of months with your 2 4-year-olds!


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