Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is there anything more delicious than watching your daughter at her first dance recital?

She had a skirted purple leotard, pink tights and a red sparkly head band. We picked out the outfit together at TarJAY last weekend. For days...she had been bubbling over with excitement.

Mommy, I can't wait until my recital!


Daddy, I can't wait until my recital!

I know, GIRL, I can't wait either!


Mommy, I can't wait until my recital and Daddy can't wait, either!!

I have never seen her so excited. I picked her up early from preschool and she wanted to take a bath before getting into her dance attire. We arrived at the small community center where she takes her ballet classes. The room was packed with parents, grandparents, relatives and lots of little girls in pink, purple and green. On one wall was a backdrop of white gauze curtains with red bows. We met Daddy at the back of the room. He had brought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

When it was time for GIRL's class to begin, she rushed forward eager to start. All of them lined up in a straight line, sitting on the floor with heads bent over like closed flowers. Then the music began and they moved in a delightful mish mash of movements just a tad off from the dancer next to them.

Is there anything more delicious than watching your daughter at her first dance recital? I think NOT. Especially when you are standing on a chair filming it, with your husband standing on the chair next to you taking photos.

Just a couple ...watching their daughter, their hearts in their throat. Just a couple... who several years ago, were on the infertility roller coaster, were unsuccessful, and struggled with the idea that they might never have children. That couple? Total mush heads.

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  1. Awwww. Now I'm tearing up. Wait until she dances Clara in The Nutcracker--you'll totally lose it!

  2. Congratulations to the daughter (and to the parents).

  3. This is the sweetest post - congratulations to Mom, Dad, and Girl on that first dance recital.

  4. Awww... I would soooo love to see her dance...

    You and your hubby's hearts must be soooo warmed up throughout the whole recital......

  5. The thought of E handing her flowers made me tear up! What a special day!

  6. How sweet that Daddy was excited too! I love that you share these milestones with us.

  7. Lovely post -- brought back such sweet memories of when my two 20-something-daughters were young. At the older one's first ballet recital when she was 6, she stopped completely still in the middle of the state and stared upward -- at the spotlight that had not been there during rehearsals. Priceless stuff! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. I ditto Cheri! Congratulations to GIRL on her first recital (and its consequent bouquet)!

  9. So Sweet!!! Hooray for excited little girls and their first recitals!

  10. Enjoy the mush. I always end up smiling until my face hurts. I'm sure Girl was wonderful!

  11. The Matron got mushy herself, just reading this!! You're there, my dear -- the Mama. I'm glad you got to go on this journey because it IS special.

  12. Oh, want to see picks of purple and pink tutu's!

  13. Oh, yes, quite delicious. Not so delicious in December when i was one of the backstage helpers in a completely disorganized mess where none of the helpers was enlightened as to who was supposed to be where when. Oh wait, was that bitter?


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