Friday, January 30, 2009


You want to go to lunch?
Just you and me?
My blue-eyed boy with golden hair
laughs! and hugs me tight.

It is the beauty of this moment
in which all those years
of yearning... for a child
are tangible.

Sitting across from my son
his cheeks full of mac-n-cheese
spoon diving into creamed spinach
I sit entranced, devouring him.

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  1. Oh man, there are so many times that I feel that way! I just look at my son in awe, and in gratitude.

  2. Beautiful and succinct.

    I love my "dates" with my boys. I want to eat them up. I don't think I can say "I love you" enough.

  3. Such few words with such deep emotions in them... beautiful!

  4. You are so good at capturing the best moments!

  5. Beautifully said and such precious moments too.

  6. Wow.

    This really hit my heart - I do the same thing all the time.

    Really lovely.

  7. I'm with Cheri on this one - the boy is all sweet, and you're all cute, but I want to eat the mac 'n cheese.

  8. Just perfect! (I love reading these posts!)

  9. Mmm...mac & cheese.

    A sweet moment - I remember a few of those, sweet lunchtimes with my little blonde sprite now a 20 year old bearded hulk!

    and he still loves my mac & cheese.

  10. What sweet words for such a special time with your darling boy!

    Have a good week, J - see you soon - Kellan

  11. for a moment, i thought that mac and cheese meant you were back in the south for a day or so, and that we should have met up and shared a meat and three at some home cookin' establishment.

  12. These are the times I'm hit with words too. The ordinary things. Lovely post!

  13. Lunching one on one with one of my girls is one of my favorite things. Nicely captured moment. Hey, you have to check out my bacon challenge on my blog. I bet you could come up with some great.

  14. thanks for sharing such a heaping serving of that beauty called motherhood.

    um, did you say his spoon was diving into creamed spinach? really? noone in my family (but me) will touch cooked spinach, though they will munch on raw leaves.

  15. Another lovely poem about a lovely moment, but like the above commenter, what stood out was the fact that he was eating creamed spinach!!!! First of all, I won't eat creamed spinach (raw is fine), but how on earth do you get him to eat stuff like that? My boy won't eat macaroni and cheese. I'm amazed he's still alive.


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