Friday, January 9, 2009

He will get it in time...

If there was ever a life lesson that I keep learning about my son, it is this:

He will get it in time. In his own time. Finding his own path. He can be guided. But, truthfully, he is at heart an explorer. A creator. Someone who thinks outside the box. And suddenly, what has seemed so challenging and has been a struggle will just happen. It will seem dramatic. As if overnight. When in reality he has been parachuting down to earth, flying down, sometimes drifting off the path to the obvious landing strip - yet, always, always destined to navigate his own touchdown pattern.

I know this.
My gut tells me this. But, sometimes I doubt myself.

BOY wrote his name yesterday. Every letter. All by himself. Clearly. Beautifully imperfect. He will get it in his OWN time.

*********Photo courtesy of Google Images

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  1. I have a boy like that - he will occasionally accept a suggestion, sometimes even a helpful suggestion, but never will he actually accept help. He wants to find his own way and really isn't concerned with how that takes him. There IS something to be said for that kind of boy.

  2. Congrats to the boy! And to the patient mom :)

    It is supremely hard to sit back sometimes, huh? Good job, you.

  3. What a wonderful post about your son! Reminds me so much of my son who is now a grown young man of 22 who continues to amaze me with his abilities; but they came on his own time, as you said. It's good to remind yourself of this and to realize the uniqueness inherent in us all; on a slightly different timetable.

    I envy all your time to enjoy your young children. Mine has passed into memory but as young adults they are also quite a wonder.

    Great post!

  4. Truly a great post. I have had to learn that lesson as well. You must be a very proud Mama!

  5. Happy Name Writing Day!

    That is really one of the hardest things about mothering...parenting I should say...relaxing, trusting, and allowing them to grow up into what they ARE. There are sooo many pressures for our children to develop at a certain pace, or be good at particular things, or do particular things that OUR society has decided is "right"......and to step back from the pressure and allow them the room to evolve into themselves and discover their own strengths is hard....but worth it.

    Good job Mama.

  6. Yay! Sometimes it is so hard to be patient. I need to remind myself (as a parent going through potty training) of the same thing.

  7. Yeah for boy.
    I love reading about his journey because yesterday i sat and cried because my boy isn't even close to his peers in writing and stuff and I get so concerned.
    Thanks for the reminder that the parachute boys will get it.
    in their own time.

  8. It will be a tremendous gift from you to him if you always remember that and allow him the time. Even when society tells you otherwise.

  9. My son was exactly that way. It was ME who took a long to time figure it out and go with the flow - HE was always like that.

    Now that he's 20, this quality of his is an incredible comfort to me - I know he won't do something rash or risky that he is unprepared for.

    I think when moms relax, kids feel more empowered to blossom at their own speed.

    You sound like a great mom to a great kid.

  10. I need to be reminding myself of this thought every single day.

  11. I know it must be hard to watch him struggle, when you just want him to sail right through.

  12. My boy? The one that's soaring academically these days? He started out with a litany of delays and concerns and I lost a lot of sleep over the course of a couple years.

    Keep the faith, sweet mother. The rewards are so rich when he gets there.

  13. its another milestone....

  14. Hurray for him!

    I always remind myself of your words here. My boy didn't crawl until he was almost a year, didn't walk unil he was 16 months, didn't talk unil he was two - now he's a chatty whirlwind ... they all do things in their own time.


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