Monday, January 5, 2009

Seeing the Roses Parade floats up close

On Saturday we took a tour of the Tournament of Roses Parade Floats. It's a wonderful opportunity to look at the floats up close at your own leisure. The artistry that goes into each float is phenomenal. Every kind of natural material is used. From flower petals to tree trunks to ... Here is a close-up of different flower petals squared off with black beans.
The fox below is made with the fuzzy part of palm trees.

Here are the spooky trees from the Wizard of Oz float.

For you Sesame Street fans...
And of course, Oscar the Grouch...

One of my favorites...the white egret. Reminds me of the Gulf of Mexico...

And WHICH float got an "AMAZING" from BOY, you ask? Well, you'd think THIS was it,

Nor, was it this...although, it was "COOL."
The "Isn't that AMAZING!!!?" was in reference to THIS going on, just over the fence...

If you ever have a chance to view the Rose Bowl parade floats, you will find them truly AMAZING. I promise.

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  1. I am sure that is what my boy would have gotten the biggest kick out of too.

    Beautiful pictures.

  2. These look like pure eye candy .. not to mention the wonderment of "how do they do it?"

    Me? I can barely get roses into a vase.

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but do these floats smell good? like roses?

  3. Wow--I have always thought the parade was amazing--wish Ohio State was there though...

  4. Wow! I would love to see that! I always wondered, where do they get the flowers? Are they ones that would have been thrown away otherwise? How long does it take to make one? Oh, the questions could go on and on. I'd be that annoying person who won't stop asking questions.

  5. I missed the Rose Parade this year on TV. I love it. The fact that they're made of natural materials is amazing.

    My uncle used to live right on the parade route. Alas, we were never there at the right time.

  6. Gosh, seeing as how my daughter lives in Pasadena and all, maybe I ought to make the effort. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hah, totally funny! Tell BOY you know someone who's driven one of those - me!

    Love the egret and the elephant. We did not watch this year - we usually do, but this year we slept in late and then my husband went right to work writing, and I went out exploring LA. Foggy, it was.

  8. What a fun thing to do with the kids! Amazing is definitely the right word.

  9. Post-Parade Float Viewing has been a mommy-tradition for me since my Big Girl (age 8) was a wee baby in a stroller. I absolutely adore going to see the floats!

    Unbelievably, we've missed the last few years. The last time we went was 2006! That's three parades in a row when we've been in Portland instead!

    Sad face.

  10. I love to watch such floats-parades, we have them here every year too, but its hard to get a good look all the time, so we rather watch it from TV, which kills half the excitement.

    *laugh* I think my boys would be very much like your boy too, paying attention to the 'real' vehicle in action more than the big colourful ones on the roll....

  11. Wow! What fun. Thanks for the up-close view and how lucky y'all are to get to do this.

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  13. Just a note---pleeeeeease...either the Tournament of Roses Parade, or the Rose Parade.

    NOT the Rose Bowl Parade...pleeeeease. The Bowl does not have a parade, but yes, they are linked, and both run by ToR.


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