Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The kids started back to preschool yesterday, and I'm not sure who had the biggest smile on their face...

It's the beginning of January - always a time to focus on New Year's Resolutions. And where am I? I'm getting there. I've gotten my workout clothes out for tomorrow. Truth be told. They were hard to get to... I had to move boxes around. But, there they were in neat piles...waiting. And I'm trying to get a monthly schedule together of making writing submissions.

The kids started back to preschool yesterday, and I'm not sure who had the biggest smile on their face... I was very ready to get into our routine again. So, now we're back in the swing of preschool, swimming lessons and playdates.

Oprah's doing a series of shows this week called: Best Life Week. Each day focuses on how we can take better care of ourselves. Tomorrow, Wednesday the 7th, is a show on "Finding your Spiritual Path." Our Rector, Ed Bacon from All Saints Church in Pasadena, is one of Oprah's 3 guests on the show. (Ed was also on her Soul Series radio program.) It will be fun to see Ed on the show. He is very special.

As I begin to write 2009 here and there, I am so conscious of the passage of time and how I want to have accomplished some goals by this time next year. Baby steps lead to giant steps with many stumbles in-between...

*****Photo of Trader Joe's Rose Bowl Parade Float

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  1. You are SO going to hit your goals this year! The little ones AND the big ones. I have faith...

  2. I used to be a loyal Oprah viewer, but it came to the point where her head just seemed to get so big, and she was talking about herself, more than asking her guest questions, so I quit. I might actually put it on the DVR today, though. I'd love to see your pastor!

  3. Go, JCK, go! I'm cheering for you! :-)

  4. You go girl! You'll make your goals - all of them!

  5. Wishing you great baby-stepping successes.

  6. i'm focusing on the teeny, tiny changes. otherwise i get that deer-in-the-headlight look. which may be my best look, not sure..

  7. Baby steps are better than no steps! :)

  8. I missed Ed on Oprah!!!

    And I've even been watching it lately, but I missed it today. Maybe it will be on-line....

    I love that last sentence. So true.

  9. Baby steps indeed... for my case, I'm definitely having the widest smile, now that BOTH are in school! *wink*


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