Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Bon Mots from BOY & GIRL

BOY: Mom, can I watch a program?

JCK: No, BOY. You've already watched enough TV this morning.

BOY: Dad, can I watch Noggin?

E: No, BOY.

BOY goes into the playroom and flops on the floor with an exaggerated sigh...

BOY: What is UP with my parents!?


JCK: GIRL, I'm starting the bath.

GIRL: Oh, Mommy...Princess GIRL is not ready for a bath. Can't Princess GIRL play?

JCK: OK, Princess GIRL has 10 minutes.

GIRL: Yeah!


BOY: Mom, we're going to Africa. And I'm really going to miss you.

JCK: Oh, no. I can't let you go to Africa by yourselves.

BOY: Why not, Mom?

JCK: I'd miss you too much.

GIRL: Mom... *SIGH* We're JUST going to Africa to have dinner with our grandparents. We'll be back in the morning.

JCK: Oh, I guess that's OK.

At the dinner table while everyone else is getting up:

BOY: That is NOT the END of the conversation.



Driving through Pasadena as the crews are dismantling the bleachers from the Rose Bowl Parade...

BOY: Mom! I saw more BUNKERS! I saw more BUNKERS!

JCK: Bleachers, BOY. Bleachers.


GIRL: Has anyone seen my wand?

E: Has anyone seen Princess GIRL's wand?

Princess GIRL: And GIRL can't remember where she put it.

GIRL: Mommy! Scrub a dub dub, Fashion in the tub!

GIRL referring to her new bath tub paper dolls. (They're so cool!)


GIRL waiting in line with JCK at Trader Joe's.....

Lady: How old are YOU?



GIRL: Yes.


During dinner at a diner ........

BOY: Look, Dad! That MAN is having a BABY!

E: BOY, we don't point and talk about other people.

BOY: Look at his BIG stomach!

E: BOY, quiet.

BOY: He's having a BABY.

E: No, BOY. Men don't have babies.

BOY: Some men do.

GIRL watching her mom walk across the restaurant and commenting upon her mom's return...

GIRL: You have a BIG bottom, Mommy. *GIGGLE*GIGGLE*

JCK: Do I?

GIRL: Yes, but fanny is a nicer word.


JCK to E: GIRL told me I had a big bottom.

JCK: Well, curving up and out, yes. Going wide...NO.

Photo of pink camellias picked from our back yard. January in Southern California.

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  1. LOL what is UP with my parents?!

  2. Going to Africa for dinner sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Oh gosh, I hope the man having the baby didn't hear BOY! Kids have no filter, do they? The honesty is refreshing, but it does get you in trouble sometimes!

  4. Nothing better than the brutal honesty of a child!

  5. Beautiful camellias.

    My son also said "Actually" a lot when he was that age. It makes them sound so very intellectual, doesn't it?

    that is NOT the END of the conversation.

    Oh, they slay me. Love it.

  7. Actually, we went through an 'actually' phase. We've now moved into 'terribly.'

    Of course, boy is right; a man did have a baby.

    Too funny!

    And thank you, Cheri for The Carpenters song now on repeat in my head...

  8. These were all such precious and funny conversations! Don't you just love the idea that you are documenting all these wonderful things your sweet children have said?!

    Happy New Year, J - to you and your beautiful family! I look forward to seeing lots of you in 2009!


  9. You have awesome kids! Too funny, we hear the actually a lot in our house too, always makes me laugh.
    Oh and I have the same problem with my bottom. I always wanted me some j-lo curves, but instead it is flat and somehow still fat. ugh.

  10. Yes, my favorite line is definitely 'WHAT IS UP WITH MY PARENTS'. The tide has turned and they now, already, know it all. :)

    Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year JCK!

  11. I hope the man having the baby didn't hear your son? And, there's nothing wrong with a little bootay.

  12. *huge laugh*
    my boys ever asked me that too, "why does that man have such a big tummy... is it because he is pregnant?"

    and when i said "no, man don't get pregnant"

    they said, "Mommy, I think you are wrong, 'cos there is no other reason for a big tummy, unless he haven't poo poo for many days!"


    (and the man heard every word!)

  13. they're worth keeping around just for the funny things they say, no? :)

  14. Too funny . . . if it makes you feel any better, the version I get is "mommy your BUTT is HUGE!"

  15. They are too too funny. The Queen has been using Actually for a long time now as well. This afternoon she came out with "yadda, yadda, yadda." I have no clue where she heard that. We don't have TV for reruns of Seinfeld, nor do we have it on DVD.


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