Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All this talk of interconnection has my knees weak

I am sitting in a room that is red. A red called Caliente. Just feel the sound of that roll over your tongue. RRRAAAWRRR... or MEOW for some of you. The color is luscious and naughty. Will I ever get any writing done in here or will I spend hours just rolling around the floor with my tongue hanging out? And does it matter? The color is THAT good.

The desk in in, the book shelves up, the computers and wireless router and printer...all interconnected. The sound? Mmmm...still working on that.

All this talk of interconnection has my knees weak. And I'm beginning to feel hot...the BIG FRIGGIN' GOD, it's perimenopause. My G-spot? Or maybe it's the red walls... I need to go lie down. On something soft. My bed. And the color of my sheets? Red, as in Caliente. Now if I could just find those fishnets...

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  1. I'm going to make a leap here and suggest that perhaps you're all set, even without the fishnets?

    Need that paint chip when it's time to pain my office.

  2. Woahooo! Finally someone got her dream office?! I'm using my wildest imagination right now to visualize...

  3. I room of one's own? Mine is envy green in my own imagination!

  4. Sitting in my kitchen.
    Not even a little aroused.
    E is a lucky, lucky man.

    Hey! Almost a Haiku!

  5. Yeah! You did it! The office is red! Is it the Caliente out of Pottery Barn Magazine??? Yummy!!

    Now you just need a leopard rug.

  6. I'm telling you, I feel a romance novel coming on. Either that, or a porn. Boom, chicka, wah, wah!

  7. The big o! Wow--that is what you call a DREAM office ;)

  8. Ok, an office that creates that kind of emotion will either help you produce some epic literature.. or another baby. Be careful girl.

  9. Pictures please!!Pictures!! The office walls and the red laptop - all you need is flowers (and shouldn't E be doing something about that?).

  10. Congratulations - you do sound satisfied...My little office/playroom walls are still butter yellow; pretty but certainly not hot.

    For you, caliente one, I have an award at mi casa.

  11. I'm thisclose to painting again.

    Down with the taupe, in with the red.

    (Wouldn't my realtor die...)

  12. I can't wait to see it!

    Have a good day - Kellan

  13. Caliente sounds just too spicy to get anything productive done. Good luck with the Ohs and Gs and the OH GODS.

  14. Here is another vote for you writing a lusty, romance novel!

  15. Cheers for Caliente .. and anything that gives the Big O during Peri-Men-O-Pause ! Been-there-doing-that ... hence, my snort post, above.

  16. Dang, girl!! You made me go to the Dell page. I want a blue laptop!!!

  17. I think you need to put a mini vibrator in your desk drawer. Just sayin'.

  18. Oh dear Lord.

    I just got your email and added you to my reader and my hubby is sitting next to be and I was telling him how great it was to met you and all about your history and I clicked on your blog






    LMAO at his first introduction to your blog.

  19. Do we get to see the pictures of the red??? Come on JCK, share!


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